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How to Take Screenshot if Power Button is Broken Android?

Today’s use of mobile phones has increased dramatically, used for different activities such as capturing images, recording videos, and using all kinds of multimedia files. Our phone’s innumerable functions have made it a splendid tool, highlighting one of the functions that our phone has. Yes, we are talking about the screenshots, but what does the screenshot function consist of? How to take screenshot if power button is broken android? Screenshots or better known as screen captures. It is a function that our Smartphone has, that’s right, with just a combination of buttons on our phone to capture the screen of our phone.

How to take screenshots if a button on my phone does not work?

However, what happens when any of the buttons on our phone stops working and can no longer take screenshots? How to make a Screenshot if some button on my phone does not work? Well, maybe some of the buttons on your mobile that you used to take the screenshots have stopped working; right now I tell you that you should not worry because here we bring you the solution to that problem.

How to Take Screenshot if Power Button is Broken Android

Well, just a small application is enough to make the screenshots of your phone possible again. That is why today we bring you Screenshot touch, a very simple to use and install application, which will allow you to take screenshots and record your phone screen without using root permissions. Continue reading: how to search for a word on a page

  1. Download and install Screenshot

We must go here, where we will leave you the link to the application so you can download and install it.

  1. Activate the Screenshot option

Once you have installed the application, we will proceed to open it; it will immediately show us a menu that is very easy to use as well as being very dynamic. Here you can view various options, from taking a screenshot to recording the screen of your phone.

  1. Start the application service

Now we only have to start the capture service, as shown in the following image; once this step is done, the screen recording capture service will be activated in the notifications panel of our mobile, automatically a small icon on the screen of our phone.

  1. Stop the application service

Now we will only have to click on this icon each time we want to take a screenshot. To be able to stop the service, we just have to enter the application menu again and stop the service or simply slide the screen in the notification panel and press the stop option.

As you can see, the application is extremely simple to use, you will not need more than a couple of minutes to install it and you will be able to have the screen capture function on your mobile from an application.

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