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Top 5 Streaming in UK that Permits Account Sharing

With Netflix limiting this feature, here are other streaming services allow you to log in on multiple devices, in different locations, and watch TV and movies at the same time in the United Kingdom, courtesy of best casino sites.

Amazon Prime Video

According to Amazon’s website, you can stream concurrently up to three times using just one Prime Video account, but are limited to two streams on the same programme. Amazon Prime also allows for sharing Prime benefits within your Amazon Household – which can include access to ‘free Prime Video’, though crucially ‘paid Prime Video’. Two adults who are Prime members can create a household with up to four teenagers (aged 13 to 17) meaning they’ll get faster delivery on shopping (that parents can approve), plus access to ebooks, apps, games and Amazon Music, too. You can find out more about Amazon Household here.

Apple TV Plus

If you have Apple TV Plus, you can enjoy six simultaneous streams, according to the Apple website. However, this doesn’t apply if you have a student Apple Music subscription and are getting your Apple TV Plus as a perk – in this case, you can only stream on one device. On the Apple TV app, you can even set up Family Sharing, if one adult agrees to be responsible for any payments. While Apple has a modest catalogue of original programmes, highlights include the new series Severance, Jason Sudeikis’ hit comedy Ted Lasso, and drama The Essex Serpent. You can share it with your friends to watch the last time Tottenham won a trophy.


UK streaming service BritBox features more than 300 British boxsets from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. And if you’ve got an account directly with BritBox or BT TV, then you’ll be able to stream simultaneously on five devices – including via smart TV, smartphone, tablet, web or Roku. However, the BritBox website confirms that if you’ve signed up via another third party such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV or Roku Channel, you can only access your subscription through those platforms just like dropping money into your casino online New Zealand account before playing games for real money.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is the home of Marvel movies and TV shows, new Star Wars and, of course, our favourite family-friendly Disney flicks. Currently, Disney allows subscribers to stream on four devices at once, meaning account sharing is possible. Additionally, you can create seven individual profiles on the platform to keep track of your personal TV and film preferences, plus find the next episode of the show you’re watching.


If you have a standard NOW account, then you’re restricted to streaming on one device at any one time. NOW Boost subscribers, who pay £5 extra per month for ad free viewing and extra streaming, can stream across three devices, meaning the account could, if you wanted, be shared. The NOW website says things are slightly different for viewers watching via BT TV, adding: “If you’re a BT customer, you can watch on two devices at once as long as one is a BT TV Box and you start streaming in the correct order. BT customers with Boost can watch on three devices at a time.”

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