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Perfect Present Ideas for the Adventure-Seeking Friend

Do you happen to have a friend or a family member who is always on the go, traveling and sending you videos from the other part of the world on a random Tuesday morning? Shopping for these adventure-seekers can often be very hard, especially since they are usually hard to impress given the amount of countries, cultures, and things they’ve already seen. If you are looking for a present to give them on the rare occasion when they are present at a family dinner or a friends gathering but you’re short on ideas, we’re here to help out with a few practical presents that they are sure to enjoy.

Travel Journal

Some might consider a journal to be a useless thing for traveling since you can easily write everything in the Notes of your phone, but the truth is journaling can be a wonderful type of meditation and calming down, especially when you’re overwhelmed by many different feelings caused by a completely different culture. Plus, a travel journal can be used to write down all of your friend’s plans: the important places they want to visit, the best restaurants in the area that they’ve found on TripAdvisor, as well as some phrases that they pick up from the locals. Look for a lightweight journal that won’t take too much space and think about the traveler’s preferences, for example someone who enjoys drawing would highly appreciate a journal with blank pages.

Knit Sweater

A sweater is a wonderful gift for anyone, but it might have even more benefits for your friend who loves to move around a lot. If you go on travelers’ forums you’ll find many of them speaking of Aran sweaters, and for a good reason. These garments are made of merino wool, which is perfect for any weather, be it the hot climate of the Philippines or the cold and windy London weather. Merino wool has amazing insulation properties so that your buddy won’t overheat or freeze regardless where he takes his next journey. Additionally, Aran sweaters feature beautiful knit designs you can check https://www.tarairishclothing.com/collections/womens-knitwear  so they are practical and can be worn anywhere, for example when going sightseeing, hiking, visiting religious temples, or traveling by plane. Get your globetrotter friend an Aran sweater and they are sure to be very grateful for such a considerate present.

Power Bank

A portable charger is one of the most useful things to get for a traveler, as it is something that they are guaranteed to always need. The best part about this present is that it can be used not only to charge the phone, but also many other devices such as a camera, headphones, or even a tablet, if your friend likes to carry one around when on the journey. Moreover, if your friend goes to a country that uses another type of outlet and happens to completely forget about their travel adaptor, a power bank will help them prevent running out of power at least until they find a convenience store that doesn’t overcharge like the airport ones do.

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