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How to Pop Your Ears Without Any Risk?

A plugged ear can be one of the most annoying sensations that exist. We give you some tips on how to pop an ear quickly and safely. With the arrival of winter, the cold and the holidays. One of the most frequent pathologies at this time is ‘clogged ears.’ To do this, you can use some home remedies to pop it.

In this article, we show you some tricks to learn how to pop your ears without risk when water gets into our ears. In any case, if you feel various discomfort or dizziness, it is best to see a specialist. And now, we explain how to end this annoyance.

How to pop your ears?

how to pop your ears

A plugged ear can be due to different reasons: a change in pressure during a flight. We are at many meters of altitude, that water has been introduced into the ear, or that we have a wax or cerumen obstruction.

In any case, you should know that ear wax is only a defense mechanism of our body. It has antibacterial properties and is not harmful to health, quite the opposite, since it protects us from infections.

Although wax production is usually genetic, there are other causes, such as washing inside with gel or walking in dusty places. In these cases, the ear will produce excess wax to defend our ears from dust or soap.

Any object inserted in the ear will also cause the secretion of earwax as a defense mechanism. However, if it hurts or we have discomfort, it is necessary to see a doctor remove the plug. If the obstruction is mild, you can use the home remedies to show you in this post to unclog one ear.

Although it is a very uncomfortable feeling, it is usually not dangerous and usually passes after a few minutes. However, several techniques can also be performed to unclog a plugged ear and relieve discomfort.

Whatever technique you use, do it carefully. The ear is a very sensitive structure. In addition, if the discomfort does not improve or worsens, as well as if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as severe pain, fever or pus, you should consult a specialist to identify the cause and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

1. Yawn several times in a row

Yawning is a good technique that helps the air movement within the ear canals, thus balancing the pressure and unclogging the ears. To do this, simply mimic the movement of your mouth when you yawn and lookup. Normally, a small click is heard inside the ear during yawning. It will indicate that it has been uncovered.

If this does not happen, you must repeat the process as many times as necessary until you can uncover the ear. If you find it difficult to yawn involuntarily, mimic the movement by opening your mouth as wide as possible and breathing through your mouth.

2. Chew gum

This action will cause various muscles in the face to move, thus allowing excess pressure to be removed within the ear canals. You can chew gum to unclog the plugged ear and prevent it from being plugged during a trip by plane, car, train.

3. Drink water

By drinking water, we also move the face muscles and balance the pressure inside the ears. To do this, put water in your mouth, cover your nose with your hand, and tilt your head back. The muscles’ movement, together with the lack of air, will change the pressure and solve the plugged ear.

4. Hold your breath

Another way to open the ear canals and balance the pressure that causes a plugged ear sensation is to hold your breath. To do this, breathe in deeply, cover your nose with your hand and use force to try to release the air through your nose while keeping it covered.

5. A warm compress on the area

This technique is also very effective in helping a plugged ear. Although it works best when the flu or allergy causes pressure, it can be used in other situations. Place a warm compress on the ear and hold it for two to three minutes. Its heat will help to dilate the ear canals to allow drainage and balance pressure.

6. Hydrogen peroxide in the ear

A few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear will help us uncover it. You have to place equal parts of warm water and hydrogen peroxide in a cup or glass. Then, with a dropper, introduce the hydrogen peroxide into the affected ear and let it act for three to five minutes. After this time, tilt your head to remove the liquid and rinse with warm water.

How to unclog an ear with wax?

To remove a plug of wax from a plugged ear, you should let the water run in and out of it while you bathe and clean afterward with a towel. Do not use cotton swabs or cotton buds, as they can push the wax into the ear, increasing the risk of infection.

If you have performed this procedure three times and the ear continues to be blocked, you should consult a specialist. A professional cleaning may be necessary. It is recommended to consult a doctor or go to the hospital on the following occasions:

When the feeling of pressure does not improve or if it worsens over time. If there is a fever. In case other symptoms arise, such as severe pain or pus discharge. In any case, if the ear is still plugged after applying these remedies or you have water in the ear that you cannot remove, you should go to a doctor to examine you and help you solve the problem.

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