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Microsoft office 365 product key 2018 (Tested and 100% Working)

Microsoft Office 2018 is the term used to talk about Office 365. It is a Microsoft Office suite, which has been operating since the 90s and has already become an essential component of any office. Microsoft office 365 product key 2018 is available for activation. If you updated office 365 second time, the method will not work. You have to go through KMSpico software.

The Office 365 pack serves to facilitate the writing and editing of documents for the preparation and design of presentations, the layout, the use of spreadsheets and even the management of databases. Being an office package, it offers a multitude of functions related to different fields needed in any company. Both professionals and individuals use it daily.

It is necessary to have an appropriate license. If you don’t know how to activate Microsoft Office 2018 or, failing that, Office 365, we recommend you take a look at this guide. In it, we explain what you have to do step by step to install and validate this set of programs. In addition to that, we also provide you with some serials in case you do not have an official license, along with the guidelines to take advantage of the educational edition, designed for students and at no cost.

Steps to use Microsoft office 365 product key 2018

The steps to install and activate Microsoft Office 2018 for life do not exist since there is no version of Office that has that number. By proximity and by correspondence, we will explain the steps for Microsoft Office 365, version that Microsoft has launched to offer services on that date.

This is what you have to do:

1 – Enter the Office 365 website and request a trial version

Enter the Office 365 website and request a trial version

With the computer on, open the web browser you usually use and enter the following URL in the address bar: https://products.office.com/try. Thus, you will enter the test section of the Office. When you are inside, you have to click on the “Try 1-month free” button that appears on the page.

2 – Enter your user data

By doing the above, you will be sent to the Microsoft account portal. Now you have to log in by entering the email, phone or Skype of your Microsoft account and click on “Next “.

After this, it is time to write the corresponding password and click on “Login “. Remember that you must use the capital letters where appropriate since otherwise, it will be taken as wrong.

3 – Download the program

The following is to follow the download and installation process. In the screen that appears now, you have to press the “Next” button to proceed with the download of the free trial of Office 365.

The following is to choose a payment method between credit or debit card, direct debit or Paypal. Choose the one you choose. You will then have to enter a series of data to confirm that it is a valid and active method. Fill in the fields that are requested and click on “Save”.

After this, in the Office panel, click on “Install Office” and, in the pop-up window, click on the “Install” button.

4 – Install Office 365

When the download is finished, click on the file with the installation program and wait for it to open. Accept the first message and click on “Next” until you start copying the files. Now, you have to wait for the installation to finish. You’re done

As of this moment, you have Office 365 installed on your computer and ready to run for a free month. When the deadline is met, you will automatically be charged for renewal fees and you can have the program for life, without having to perform more activations or installations.

In case you want to unsubscribe, you have to enter this address: https://account.microsoft.com/services/

In it, look at the section dedicated to Microsoft Office and click on “Manage” next to the type of subscription. Then, click on “Cancel “.

Preliminary information

First of all, I want to tell you that there are different versions of Microsoft Office, which provide different activation procedures.

Office 365 Personal

It includes all the applications of the suite that can be used on a Windows PC or on a Mac. That allows access to advanced features present in Office applications for mobile devices, allowing them to be used even on devices with dimensions greater than 10.1 “. It includes 1TB of storage space on OneDrive and even 60 minutes/month of Skype conversation.

Office 365 Home

It includes the use of Office on 5 PCs or Macs, access to the advanced features of Office mobile on 5 devices (including those that are larger than 10.1 ″), 1TB of space on OneDrive and 60 minutes/month of conversation on Skype.

Office Home & Student / Professional 2019

It is the “traditional” version of Office, which can be purchased for a one-off payment. In its basic version, it includes a copy of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be installed on a Windows PC or Mac.

As you may have guessed, therefore, the applications included in Office 365 are identical to those included in the “standard” version of Office 2019. Office 365 is nothing but the name of the subscription service that includes Office 2019, cloud services and apps for mobile devices.

If everything is clear so far, we can actually proceed with Office 2019 activation. In the next, you will find how to do this.

Activation keys to verify Office 365

Activation keys to verify Office 365

In the case of opting for other solutions to verify Office 2018, or rather, Office 365, you can use the internet and search for all kinds of programs. Numerous triggers can be used, or even serials generators (keygens), which also facilitate the obtaining of codes for verification. However, here we are going to gather a lot of validation keys, so you don’t have to resort to any other place on the internet.

Below you have an extensive list of keys that can be useful for enabling this office suite:


With any of these, you can enable the program, or all of them, to use Office 365 freely. If one fails, try the others, since Microsoft may have locked some keys to preventing its use by users.

Is it possible to use and activate Office 2018 if I am a student?

Finally, in case you are a student and you are interested in knowing if you can use the latest versions of this office suite such as Office, you have to know that it is possible to do so, as long as you meet some requirements.

Among them, the most important has to do directly with having an email account. It is linked to an educational organization. They are useful both university couriers and institutes or other educational centers.

office 365 for students

If you have already made sure of that, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open any browser you regularly use on your computer and in the address bar, add the following URL: https://products.office.com/student/office-in-education. This takes you to the Office portal for students
    In the field that appears almost immediately enter Get Office 365 for free.
  • Enter at that time the email address that corresponds to the educational profile that we mentioned before
    After that you have to click on I am a student to confirm it and move on.
  • The system will ask you to fill in a series of data that appear from that moment, and that has to do with your name, your last name, the password you want to use, date of birth and a verification code, which will have reached you in the mail electronic previously indicated.
  • You have to paste the code into the form and then click Start.
  • At that time, you also can invite other users by entering their corresponding emails in each field, remembering that they have to have educational accounts as well. You can also skip this step if you wish.
  • The next thing will be to click on the Install Office button to open a drop-down.
  • There you should look for the Office 365 Applications section waiting for the installer to download.
  • The installation program will open and you have to follow all the steps indicated by the Follow or Accept buttons.
  • When you are finished, you can access Office without problems on your computer for free thanks to your student status.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet, write the product key in the opened window and wait for it to be validated by Microsoft. If there are no problems, you should see the Product activated item under the Office logo.