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How to Stretch Shoes? (Leather, Suede and Cloth shoes)

Have you bought some new shoes and they tighten you more than you thought? Do you want to enlarge those shoes that you could never wear for discomfort? Whatever your reasons, in the following article, we explain some necessary methods for you to learn how to widen your shoes. Be it sneakers, leather shoes or suede footwear in the following article, we tell how to stretch shoes some infallible tips. Take note!

How to stretch shoes?

When we think of stretching shoes (or, usually, any other garment), we think of stretching them as much as possible without breaking them. Therefore, here are some methods to widen shoes that will be carried out in one way or another depending on the material with which they are made.

This is essential if you wonder how to stretch shoes since we will use not all the methods we propose below for the same materials. Therefore, we explain:

How to stretch leather shoes

stretch leather shoes

Leather shoes can be divided mainly into two types: on the one hand, we find leather shoes made of animal skins and shoes made of synthetic leather, also known as “vegan leather.”

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Whatever your shoes, there is a very effective method that will allow you to widen your leather boots and help you walk more comfortably. Follow this step by step:

  • To a plastic bag (you can use bags with Zip closure) pour water halfway. Make sure the bag closes because if it breaks, it could ruin your shoes. You can also use gel bags instead of water.
  • Then, place the contents inside the footwear and make sure that the bag is well distributed.
  • Place the shoes inside separate plastic bags and then put them inside the freezer.
  • Leave your shoes in the freezer for 12 hours or overnight; You will see how, as the water freezes, the leather of your shoes will spread naturally.
  • Remove the shoes from the freezer and let the contents of the plastic bag melt until it is easy to remove them from the shoes.
  • Try on your shoes and verify that they don’t squeeze you. This step should be done walking with the shoes on for a while; If they still squeeze you, repeat the process one more time.

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If you wonder how to enlarge shoes, you should know that the use of unique wood lasts highly recommended, as it is a safe and professional way to enlarge or stretch your shoes. These lasts have screws that allow adjustments to enlarge leather shoes, so if you do not want to take a risk, take your shoes to a professional and let them enlarge them with lasts.

How to stretch patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes

Although the patent leather is still leather, its main differential feature is that it is a material with a bright and luxurious finish. Being a beautiful and delicate material. You go directly to the use of wood lasts, since any other home remedy could damage your footwear.

  • Choose a last that fits snugly inside the shoe.
  • Insert this last into the shoe until it enters ultimately.
  • Adjust with the screws and knobs until it is snug inside the shoe.
  • Wait about two days for the wood last procedure to work well.

If you want this procedure to be faster, you can spray a little spray to soften your shoes.

How to enlarge suede shoes

how to stretch suede shoes

Suede, also known as suede or suede, is a velvety and enjoyable touch material the use of some products and home remedies could damage that. Therefore, if you are wondering how to stretch suede shoes, we recommend that you bet on non-aggressive solutions. We propose two options:

To stretch your leather or suede shoes with hot air, put on your shoes (make sure you wear thick socks) and warm the shoes with a hairdryer. Move the dryer always so it does not melt the shoe glue and then move your fingers to help stretch the material.

Walk with your shoes on until they have caught a cold and repeat the process once more. The heat will soften the shoe and allow it to fit your foot more smoothly.

How to enlarge suede shoes with isopropyl alcohol

stretch suede shoes with isopropyl alcohol

If the first step by step has not worked for you, or you want to move to a more practical option, follow the instructions that we propose below:

  • Put on the shoes you are going to enlarge and spray them on the outside with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Walk with your shoes while the alcohol acts and dries.
  • Repeat the steps several times until you get your ideal size.
  • If you do not achieve good results, you can put on socks previously soaked with isopropyl alcohol and then put on your shoes.
  • Walk for a while longer until the alcohol has dried.

How to enlarge cloth shoes

stretch cloth shoes

Most cloth shoes expand overtime for their use, so the wisest option is to wait for this to happen naturally. However, it may be the case that you need to stretch the shoes quickly, so if this is your situation, follow this step by step:

  • Fill two zip or zip bags with water and make sure there is no air left in them.
  • Push the bags into the shoes until they are tight.
  • Place the shoes inside plastic bags to prevent damage once inside the freezer.
  • Put the shoes in the freezer and leave them for 24 hours until the water has completely frozen.
  • Remove the shoes from the freezer and apply hot air with a hairdryer so that the bags melt. Wait for the ice to melt naturally.

How to stretch leather boots

how to stretch leather boots

The boot is a specific type of leather footwear and there are alternatives to stretch them, such as the ice pack trick that many have passed from generation to generation. How to do it step by step:

  • Fill a ziplock bag with water up to more than half. It must be an airtight container so that it does not “wet” our shoes inside and ruin it. If we want, we can do without water completely and use freezer gel bags.
  • I put the contents inside the boot, in the area where you want it to soften. You must press on both sides of the footwear because otherwise, you will not be strong enough.
  • Put the boot in the freezer carefully. Let it sit for 8 hours or overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand, stretching the leather in the process.
  • Take the boot from the freezer and let the contents of the bag melt before removing it. Otherwise, you could hurt the leather.
  • Try on the boots and, if they didn’t stretch enough, I repeated the process until I did it.

If you wonder how to widen shoes that squeeze but want to stretch them subtly, we recommend that you fill them with thick well-rolled socks. This trick will not work if the tip of the shoe is very rigid. With cloth shoes, this option can be very safe and effective. You can follow the navy blue color combination dresses.

Now, you know how to stretch shoes at home. We want to offer you one last tip: if your shoes are very delicate and none of these solutions have worked for you, take them to a trusted shoemaker as a professional can help you at meager prices.

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