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How to Clean Spa Filters

Spas have a filter that removes dust and dirt from your water spa. The filter helps keep the clear spa water and eliminates unhealthy bacteria that can reproduce in the water. The filter must be cleaned regularly to work properly. Once a week, the filter should be removed and washed. Once a month, deep cleaning with a solution of vinegar and water loosen the soil of dirt in the filter and allow it to rinse. Note that spa filters are known as hot tub filters in the market. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

How to clean spa filters?

The maintenance of a spa filter is not a simple task. It is possible to carry it out yourself. Following a few simple cleaning and maintenance steps, you will make your filter work like the first day.

To keep it in perfect hygiene conditions, it is best to follow a routine cleaning practice. The filter removes body fat and wastewater from the tub, so a dirty filter will reduce its ability to function properly. Before removing the filter cartridge for cleaning, make sure the pump is turned off. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

  • Turn the spa pump off. Turn off the Spa on the circuit breaker.
  • Adjust the cover that covers the filter if you have a cover and slide the cylinder filter out. Your spa filter should be visible, such as sitting in the tub. Look in the owner’s manual if you cannot find the spa filter since the manual has a diagram of all spa parts.
  • Place the spa filter in a tub or large container of water. Make sure the entire filter is submerged in water.
  • Allow the filter to sit in the solution for at least one hour. This gives the vinegar time to loosen the dirt embedded in the filter.
  • Take the water and vinegar solution filter and rinse with a garden hose.
  • Place the new filter in its normal position in the Spa. Put the lid back in place if you had one.
  • Turn the power to the new Spa at the circuit breaker.

Never turn on the spa pump without water in the Spa. Make sure the filter rests in its place, just like when it was carried out. After several cleaning of the filters, it will be necessary to replace them so that due to wear, they do not cause damage to the pumps.

Keep your spa water clean

Common and domestic whirlpools are filled and emptied with each use. However, large hot tubs that are normally located in outdoor areas reuse the water like swimming pools.

And like in the pools, that water needs some treatments and products so that the stagnation does not generate fungi, bacteria and other undesirable things that would produce, in the best case, dirt and infections.

That said, it may seem like a complicated task, but nothing is further from reality. Watch out because we are going to see what you need to keep the water in your hot tub in an optimal state. It would do no good to know how to clean the bathtub if the water is then very dirty.

We hope this guide has been useful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us your comment.

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