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What Color Shoes to Wear With Navy Dress? According to Trends

Navy blue is one of the favorite colors of every fashionista. And it is that how it will not be if it is a fundamental and neutral tone that we can combine with many other colors. In this article, we present what color shoes to wear with a navy dress.

When we have plainclothes and accessories in navy blue, we can let go of our imagination and become creative. It allows us to integrate into our look any other garment with subtle and classic prints, such as polka dots, or those more striking such as flowers and stripes.

What color shoes to wear with the navy dress?

Navy blue matches colors like red, white, pearl and beige, yellow or mustard; Try it on clothes in parakeet green or baby pink. Can you think of any other combination? Discover also: Does polyester stretch

In your closet you should have at least one pair of pants and a plain navy blue dress, they are going to be the basic ones that you can not miss, you know, like what they also say about black clothes.

Excellent straight blue trousers and straight-cut will get you out of trouble when you have a work meeting, an appointment, or a meal during the week. If you prefer something less tight but semi-formal, you can opt for a wool or trench coat.

Now, for the dress, you have more options. It can be a 100% cotton, made with lycra or even dark denim. Everything will depend on the occasion in which you are going to use it.

The truth is that these garments in plain or with small details in other colors, you can combine them perfectly with various types of shoes. So be aware that our three recommendations come next.

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Wear your new high heels

high heels with navy dress

With high heels, two things always happen. The first is that they are your worst enemies (if they hurt you, you get tired or do not go with your style and daily routine) and, the second is that they become your best allies, and you want to use them every day.

Of course, we opt for the second option, and we want you to have comfortable shoes that you can look cute and also do all your activities.

If you have not been able to find those ideal shoes, try Flexi shoes. The 27807 Beige style has one of those leather heels with a flexible fit that fits most feet.

Also, the color of the 27807 Beige style shoes is super easy to combine. You have to know that this semi-stretch line has a medium-heeled heel that will make you look feminine and sophisticated, and also comfortable thanks to its soft cut and fit in the mouth.

Have you already imagined what that navy blue dress would look like with these beige sneakers? Give it the perfect touch with an embroidered belt or an animal print sack to go out at night with your friends.

Use also the style 27807 Beige to go to the office, informal events or casual outings. Combine it with denim pants or those that are made of cotton with elastane cut to the ankle. They are perfect for the job.

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Comfortable and classic slippers


Another way to combine a dress in which the navy blue tone predominates is by using it with classic heels like the 47403 Blue style.

Do not be afraid to wear heels of the same color as your dress, as this makes you look elegant, especially if your shoes have textures or accessories such as bows or buckles.

The style 47403 Blue is a chunky heel shoe half – height. It has a smooth design with a patent leather finish. It has a metal buckle to provide an ideal look for contemporary women who enjoy wearing classic clothes that are comfortable at the same time.

Enjoy the comfort that the 47403 Blue style gives you since these Flexi shoes have a leather insole that allows you to be active without your feet feeling tired when wearing heeled shoes. Are you ready to wear them?

Flexi shoes in black

Flexi shoes in black

What can be more combinable in your closet than black heeled shoes? Surely a few things are. The style 27808 black is indispensable for everyone and is that black leather heels are perfect for work, to wear with pants, skirt or dress.

The best thing about the black 27808 styles is that it uses a feminine resource that completes any look: a bow in front. They are made of smooth leather and patent leather, textures that allow us to combine them with different garments and textiles.

For example, we can use them with a navy blue dress with prints and long tights or socks to give them a youthful touch and ideal for the autumn and winter season.

These Flexi shoes have a soft cut and elastic fit in the mouth, as well as an extremely comfortable mid-heel.

The style 27808 black is perfect for achieving an office look but, at the same time, get a casual style in case after work, you already have a plan with your partner or friends.

Just the shoes you are looking for?

Remember that one of the essential clothes in our daily dress is shoes. A wrong choice of shoes can ruin any look and, not only that, but it can also make us feel uncomfortable all day.

Check the digital catalog of Flexi shoes and choose your new leather heels so that you always walk comfortably and also be fashionable.

You will see what color shoes to wear with a navy dress. It is worth betting on good comfortable shoes in neutral colors, just like the ones we have just presented. Having them in different colors will allow you every day to achieve a different outfit and correctly combined with the rest of the clothes you already have.

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