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What Color Handbag Goes With Everything

Have you ever found yourself dressed, made up, ready to go out and not know which bag to choose? The bag is an accessory that never fails for women, both to enhance their outfit and for its practical utility. In this article, we will give you some tips on What color handbag goes with everything. Let’s begin. Stand in front of the mirror and take out all the bags you have.

What color handbag goes with everything?

Brown or Purple is the best. Often matching on color, that is wearing accessories of the same color as clothes. It is fine, but it is not always mandatory. Different color combinations manage to marry different shades perfectly.

what color handbag goes with everything

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Red bags

For example, if you have simple or casual clothing, such as a pair of jeans and a shirt in blue, black or brown colors, a nice red bag or similar shades will really make a lot of value by maximizing your look.

Leather colored bags

A leather, leather or faux leather bag would spontaneously be combined with brown colored clothing, but not necessarily. Combined with an outfit, grey or blue, it can give a touch of unique elegance.

Beige bags

If you have a beige bag, avoid yellow and light brown, combine it with black, dark brown, purple or red garments instead.

Purple bags

A purple bag is well associated with dark brown, yellow and light grey, as well as with purple- colored clothes.

Black bags

It is the most versatile color and matches perfectly with all colors.

Blue bags

If your bag is blue, it will look great with red, pink or fuchsia clothing.

Fancy bags

If you have a multicolor bag, the rule of combining at least one color of the fantasy with a color of your clothing is fine.

If you really don’t know what combination to make and you don’t want to risk, remember that the classic rule of combining the bag with the same colors as the clothes is always good!

Questions To Ask Before Combining Bag

For decades there have been no doubts about how to combine bag: Essentially, they had to be of the same color, and possibly also of the same material. Today, however, this concept seems radically distorted and we feel almost uncomfortable wearing perfectly coordinated bags. So how do we deal with one of those classic situations where everyone seems to know the rules of the game except us?

what color handbag goes with everything

How much must be coordinated?

One of the first rules to follow is that the bag should be similar, but not identical. For example, if the bag is, say, in the black and white polka dot pattern, the bag can be white with black details. A navy blue bag can be combined with dark blue or light blue bags, and an animal print bag will be perfect with black or brown bags. In short, there is a certain degree of coordination, but one must avoid that the two patterns are identical. In a nutshell, everything finds the right contrast.

What are we going for?

We all know the golden rule of betting on eye makeup OR lip makeup. The same principle, broadly speaking, also applies to the combination of bags.

Emma Stone has rather particular pink lace-up bags, which works combined with a very classic briefcase bag. Conversely, if the handbag is in a pattern and a flashy color, the bags must be a little more subdued. We are talking for us “complete” of fashion, who is an expert, can undoubtedly make even more daring combinations!

What is the opportunity to use the outfit?

A good starting point, therefore, can be to ask us the opportunity to use the bag: are we going to work or an evening with friends? For a walk on Sunday morning or a romantic dinner? Depending on the occasion, we choose the bag – more or less extensive, colorful, showy, etc. – and then, consequently, we will know what kind of bags to combine, in terms of colors and above all of the style.

How to match the bag lines?

As for the evening, if you have a dress on which you want to bet a winning choice is to bet on a small bag: look at the stars in essential events to notice how much the handbag, however delicious and designer, inevitably passes in the background. For the day, boots, lace-ups and ankle boots are perfect with large bags, briefcases or buckets. Instead, sneakers and casual or sporty clothing can be successfully combined with shoppers or backpacks.

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