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Tips to Help Keep Your Bedroom Carpet Spotless

There may be no other carpet in the house that sees more foot traffic, stains, and miscellaneous dirt, soil, and grime than the bedroom carpet. Whether it’s your bedroom or your kids’ rooms, the carpeting in these rooms can be exposed to all kinds of things that carpet cleaning in North Charleston, SC can’t always get out.

That means it’s up to you to take drastic measures to clean your carpet on a regular basis, avoiding things like spills and accidents from leaving behind deep stains that can last for as long as you own the carpet. When you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, you’ll be faced with a stubborn stain that just refuses to lift in full.

Maybe it’s your cleaning process, maybe it’s how often you clean, perhaps it’s just the amount of wear and tear the carpet is receiving. Whatever the case may be, you want to take steps that will preserve the condition of your pricey floor coverings. That means working hard towards keeping your bedroom carpet spotless whenever and wherever you are able.

So, here’s what you should be doing to give your carpet a competitive advantage against all of the things that can and will stain and possibly even damage the fibers if given half the chance:

Get the Vacuum Out

The biggest mistake that homeowners make is thinking that a vacuum is the answer to all of their carpet-related problems. Get real. A vacuum is but one cog in a larger apparatus for keeping your bedroom carpet spotless. So, while you should be vacuuming once or twice a week, don’t place too much pressure on the machine to do all the work.

A vacuum picks up surface soil, dirt, and other particles. A powerful unit can suck up the stuff that has fallen just below the surface. But these are things that must be eliminated for fear of allowing them to build-up and create a toxic environment with your carpet.

Stain-Resistance and Repellents

If you’ve had a carpet installed in your home in the last five to ten years, chances are your carpet has already been outfitted with some type of stain repellent or protective coating that keeps any spills from permanently staining your carpet. The fibers are treated with a protectant that locks out any liquids or substances from becoming absorbed into the carpet for any reason.

Older carpets may be equipped with stain-resistance of some kind but if not, or if the carpet is particularly old, you may need to add a whole coat of stain-resistant protectant. That’s because older carpeting might not have this feature or the sealant has been worn away by years of foot traffic.

Lose the Shoes

Finally, if you really want to keep your carpet spotless, you need to keep the shoes off of the surface. Think of all the places you walked in your shoes today…now think about bringing all of those areas into your bedroom and onto your expensive carpet. Take your shoes off before you enter the bedroom.

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