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What Are the Three Main Goals of Data Lifecycle Management (DLM)?

The management of the data life cycle is known as Database Lifecycle Management (DLM). It consists of the creation and improvement of a database and everything that it includes a technical and business approach. So, they can process and manage the data in a certain way. Give them value and utility that can be applied in companies and organizations.

What is data lifecycle management (DLM)

A DLM emphasizes the different aspects that are related to the data. The design of the architecture, the development of the database, the processes that data in a certain company undergoes. Its security measures and its form of storage etc.

Thus, proper management of the data life cycle gives a series of significant advantages. It helps to make organizational processes easier to plan and execute. The identification and optimization of opportunities and resources become a reality.

A data life cycle is composed of different phases:

Objective data is the only and best way to make an indicator measure and control that everything goes according to plan.

data lifecycle management

Creation and capture

This first phase in the management of the data life cycle consists of the creation and capture of those that were virtually non-existent in the company. There are several ways to acquire data, highlighting three of the most used:

Get existing data that has been created by entities outside your business. The creation of data by the human factor and devices of your own business.

We are obtaining data from devices through the well-known Internet of Things (IOT). This type of data is very important for the infrastructure of information systems of a company.

Transmission, storage and security

Once the data has been created or captured, it must be able to move, be saved and secure. All these aspects are of great importance and are the reason for the following reasons:

Transmission. In the same way that you can get a transmission path between the data outside your business and bring them. These same data must be able to move according to the needs of the company, regardless of whether it is an internal organizational or external movement.

Storage. The data occupy space and must be stored in repositories suitable for them, the databases. This feature is key since the organization, access and control of data is essential for the proper functioning of a company today.

Security. The data contains useful private information for organizations, thus emerging the need to establish various security systems and elements to help them not be stolen. They were illegible and the information could not be accessed. By unauthorized persons.

Management and collaborative work

The data must be able to be managed by certain users in a data life cycle. There must be one or more users who can access various data stored in the database to interact with them: move, make copies, export, give or delete access for other users, etc.

Especially if a collaborative work form is proposed, very standardized at present, members of a given team or department need to have access to a series of data to be able to perform their relevant tasks and functions. Otherwise, productivity would be paralyzed.

Analysis and exploitation of the data applied to the business

Finally, many data contain information of a gross nature. Proper management of the data life cycle takes into account that the data must be able to be processed or refined to transform the information into useful and valuable knowledge for the company.

These data processing processes are vital and software is generally used for the facilities. It provides and for the huge volumes of data generated in organizations. So, analysts can study large amounts of information and capture ideas and results in the form of affordable knowledge. It mainly supports the measurements and controls of what is planned by a business and subsequent decision making.

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