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The impact of the right furniture on a house sale

Having the right furniture is an important factor when it comes to selling your home, or even renting as part or fully furnished. If your property has been empty or you have been letting it to tenants, there is a good chance your furniture has seen better days. Reproduction designer furniture is an excellent solution. It is affordable, widely available and will help to give your home the wow factor when buyers come to view.

When it comes to letting your property on a part of fully furnished basis you will want to make sure that you use a Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes company to create you the storage space necessary in the bedrooms. Making it a more attractive option to renters, rather than having to find their own wardrobes that may or may not fit in the space provided.

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Soaring House Prices

House prices might be soaring in major cities, but it still requires effort to achieve the right price either in terms of sale or rental for your property.

The interior of a home looks much better if you can leave a few large pieces of furniture in place for viewings. This enables the buyer or tenant to visualise where they might place their own furniture or visualise themselves in the home. It makes your house appear more homely and prevents the echoes you get from an empty room.

A room with no furniture will appear uninviting and cold, while one that is crammed with too much will look small and cluttered. You need to strike the right balance between the two.

Viewers will want to see the purpose of each room, so take care to place beds in the bedroom and a table and chairs in the dining room. Don’t be tempted to use rooms for furniture storage while you are preparing to move or wait for tenants to move in. No one wants to open a door to be confronted by an mismatched assortment of furniture in different colours and styles.


Another consideration is clutter around the house – too many knick-knacks or personal items can be one of the biggest property turn-offs.

Many of today’s sellers are turning to professionals to help arrange their property for viewings. A staged home will sell quickly and command a higher price. Sellers are often happy to redecorate a property to make it more appealing, but furniture is sometimes overlooked.

Don’t wait until you move to replace tired and scuffed furniture. With new furniture, your home will be far more attractive to buyers, and when you move you can take it with you.

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