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How to Wash Microfiber Cushions? Follow This Instruction

When you decide to do the big cleaning in your home, you have to pull out the sofas, dismantle the curtains and wash anything you don’t wash frequently. Among these things are cushioned; they are very useful as they are crucial for sleep quality. The synthetic fiber pillows need specific precautions. By carefully reading the steps of this tutorial you can have some useful tips and correct indications on how to wash microfiber cushions.

How to wash microfiber cushions?

  • Neutral liquid detergent
  • soft brush or cloth

how to wash microfiber cushions

General news

Many people think that pillows should not be washed; in reality this is not true as the opposite must be done to avoid the formation of mites. The synthetic fiber cushions are those made of latex or foam rubber. They are mostly used by people who have problems with asthma or particular allergies because they enjoy breathable and hypoallergenic properties. Over time they can lose their shape and can be ruined. For this reason, it is essential to have the necessary precautions to keep them in good condition both during use and during washing.

Washing of cushions

The synthetic fiber cushions offer the advantage that they can be machine washed following specific guidelines to avoid damaging them. After removing them, you need to check if there are traces of dirt on the surface. If yes, remove it with a soft brush or cloth. Once placed inside the washing machine drum you have to choose the type of washing; the latter must correspond to that for delicate items, i.e. the temperature must not be greater than 30 ° C. It is preferable to use neutral liquid detergent and if necessary, a little fabric softener can be added.

Rinse and dry

After completing the wash, rinse carefully. During rinsing, any foam residue must be eliminated. Subsequently it is necessary to centrifuge at least 900/1000 rpm to eliminate the water contained in the cushions. Drying must take place in the shade as the synthetic fibers are damaged if they are in direct contact with the sun’s rays. It is advisable to spread them in a place where direct sunlight does not come, turn them from time to time and shake them to make them take shape again. By following these simple steps you are able to have synthetic fiber cushions for a long time, always keeping them as if they had just been purchased.

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