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How to Set Up a Lawn? Follow These Steps

Imagine a large house with a garden, where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation. The ideal context for anyone wishing to enjoy free time without leaving home security. Breathe the scents of rich vegetation on a lush green lawn. This scenario is not always within our reach. Taking care of a lawn requires a lot of dedication and commitment. The sowing must be done at the right times and sometimes it fails spectacularly. Yet simpler alternatives exist. Solutions suitable for those who do not have too much time and experience with the lawn. The lawn in rolls (oaclods ) will fill the absence of a turf in our garden. All with little effort and in a short time. But let’s find out how to set up a lawn of this type.

How to set up a lawn?

You will need:

  • Rolled lawn (more clods according to the size of the ground)
  • Roller
  • Fertilizer
  • Sand (if any)
  • water
  • Hoe

How to set up a lawn

Buying lawn rolls

As anticipated, a common sowing lawn requires long and careful interventions. Sowing cannot take place at all times of the year. Furthermore, for the grass to grow, we should wait for the rhythms of nature. Bad weather could damage the surface, creating more or less grassy areas. In short, the risks of failure are higher than we might think. So many efforts proved in vain! But this is easily avoided thanks to the rolled lawn. How does it work? How to set up this kind of lawn? Get help for your lawn from an expert in NE

The rolled lawn is a natural turf in all respects. The manufacturing companies take care of growing it, letting it grow for a period of about eighteen months. Then it is sold, in fact, in ready-made and already sectioned rolls to be spread on suitable ground. You can buy it at the big stores that deal with DIY. But it is also available online on the most important e-commerce sites. The price usually decreases in proportion to the increase in the size of the surface needed.

Soil treatment

The clods of a lawn with rolls have mature, compact and homogeneous grass. The method is also used inside the stadiums to cover the football fields. With a lawn in rolls, we will guarantee to our exteriors an always perfect and homogeneous coat. It is in fact ideal for running, playing and being trampled. Before setting up the lawn in rolls, however, it is necessary to treat the ground on which it will lay. In fact, this preparatory work will allow the roots of the earth below the grass rolls to take root well with the laying soil. It will be essential to move the earth to a depth of about fifteen centimeters.

We will proceed with the hoe to remove all the stones, the weeds and the possible obstacles present in the subsoil. After this phase it is necessary to fertilize the soil, in order to feed it in the most appropriate way. The laying ground must be flat and homogeneous. For this purpose we will pass a roller, in order to smooth out any difference in height. For a lawn with rolls, the ideal is a soil with a sandy consistency. If the soil in the garden to be treated is different, sand must be added to balance its characteristics.

The laying of the lawn in rolls

At this point you can lay the lawn in rolls. It will be sufficient to unroll the rolls along the entire surface of the ground. It is necessary to make them adhere well to each other in order not to leave any uncovered space. To keep them from sticking to the ground, go with the roller again. The procedure will not spoil the lawn. For good maintenance, perform a perfect shave by removing all dead herbs. Irrigation must also be regular and abundant. It can be done either by hand or through an irrigation system.

Recall that for every 100 square meters of land we will need 3 kg of fertilizer.

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