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How to Combat Competition in Business

A business leader is constantly attacked by his competition, he suffers wear and tear in his struggles to maintain his privileged position; but what can you do this to withstand the attack of the competition? Through a brief analysis of some useful recommendations, you will be able to cope with your competition and position yourself as a leader in the market.

How to combat competition in business

A leader must develop strategies to maintain his dominance in the market, he needs to defend his brand, position it; One must have clear objectives that adapt to a combination of various defensive functions.

how to combat competition in business

Flank defense

Competition can get to get into some area not occupied by the most dynamic, with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlater attacking its main market; To avoid this threat, the leader must discover possible niches and get hold of it before the others.

You must remove the aggression of costs, the objective of the competition is to capture the segment of customers who are willing to acquire a product or service of excellent quality at a low cost. Or it can also try to attract buyers with purchasing power, that is, customers who are willing to buy good quality products or services without the price being a limitation.


Counter-attacking is a tactical necessity that the leader must meet, that is, to foresee all the possible actions of the competition and prevent them as much as possible; In this confrontation, whoever can take the first step in meeting consumer needs will have more advantage.

The strategies of a good entrepreneur should not limit the growth of your brand, you should strive to give more scope to it. In other words, you should examine the future markets that may serve you for your expansion without neglecting your main sources of entry.

Once the entrepreneur establishes his marketing strategy, he will set a quota of his resources to develop it. In general, it does so by concentrating its effort on modernizing the product and increasing its marketing budget, which may influence its sales price.

However, increasing the price of products is not always the best response; since this can cause a negative impact on future customers, unless this increase is made preparing the consumer’s mindset; so that you understand that the price corresponds to the quality of the product or service.

Another important factor

It allows you to stand out from your competition is the ability to automate your processes. This will allow your management to be more effective, offering the client a response to their concerns or requirements in a timely manner. At this point the importance of the strategy goes beyond a price increase, it lies in the quality of the production process of new products.

In hindsight, you can face the attack of the competition, implementing marketing strategies directed at your target audience; Among these strategies you can find positioning your brand through digital marketing, using the technological boom in which we live; Another factor is that you can play with the prices of your products, being consistent in establishing them.

And as a final point, implement in your management the possibility of automating your processes; One software that can be very useful to you is the CRM Impulsa, which can not only help you streamline your administrative management, but can also improve your sales processes. With these tools in mind, it is time to face your competition successfully.

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