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How to Reuse My Ac Water? Follow These Tricks

In almost all houses today there is at least one air conditioner and, as is clearly evident, demineralized water comes out of it, that is, water that the air conditioning unit has deprived of its saline component and that can be useful in the house for multiple uses. Most of the time this water is drained into the drain pipes or thrown away, without considering that its reuse represents a brilliant ecological idea, very useful in avoiding waste. Let’s see, through the steps of the following guide, how to reuse my ac water.

How to reuse my ac water?

You will need:

  • Container
  • Marseille detergent

Collection of demineralized water

To reuse the wastewater from the air conditioner, first, take a container and insert it into the drainpipe of the air conditioner from which the water comes out: this will allow you to collect up to the last drop all the demineralized water that will come out of the pipe. , preventing it from dispersing. The wastewater, being demineralized, can be used in the iron boilers as it does not damage clothes. This operation will not only allow you to save on water consumption, but it will also be a cure-all for your iron, which will last longer because it will no longer be subject to limescale contained in tap water. Furthermore, this type of water can also be used for machine radiators.

Hair washing

Alternatively, you can also use the wastewater from the air conditioner to wash your hair. After collecting the amount of water necessary for this purpose, place it in a pot and let it heat up to the desired temperature, then use the heated water to wash your hair as you normally do. Even with this water, you can safely use the shampoo and conditioner without taking any risk for your hair. The demineralized water, in fact, damages the hair and scalp much less than tap water, which very often contains a high percentage of limestone.

Creation of homemade soap

Another very valid use that you can make of the wastewater from the air conditioner is to use it to create homemade liquid soap. To do this, only one liter of demineralized water and three tablespoons of Marseille flake detergent will be sufficient. Pour the mixture into a bottle and shake it vigorously: carry out this operation for several days, more than once a day, until the flakes have completely dissolved in the liquid. By doing so, you will have obtained an excellent soap for doing laundry.

Watering the plants

Finally, you can also use the wastewater from the air conditioner to water all those plants that draw nourishment from the soil. Since it is demineralized water and therefore with a very low content of mineral salts, it is very similar to rainwater; for this reason, it is not aggressive at all and will certainly benefit your plants. In particular, it is excellent for watering acidophilic plants such as azalea, camellia and gardenia. The only plants for which you will not be able to use the conditioner water are the carnivorous ones: the latter, in fact, need even purer water such as the low mineral content, with a very low fixed residue.

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