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How to Plaster a Wall? Follow the Steps to Do It Accurately

Have you ever had to plaster a wall in your home? Do you have to do it soon and do you need some basic advice? In that case do not lose sight of this article, in which we will discover how to plaster a wall giving you tips and tricks that will be very useful for you when doing this craft, a technique very similar to plastering but that only requires cement. Once this detail is clarified, we can start our task.

How to plaster a wall?

If you want to know how to plaster a wall, we will have to start by placing the battens (a kind of wooden structure) on the wall that will serve as guides to apply plastering in certain areas. When you have done this you can clean the surface very well and brush with a barbed brush.

How to plaster a wall

Then you will have to mix the cement following the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter. Dampen the wall to get a better grip on the plaster, and then apply the first coat of mortar with the trowel.

Don’t forget to equalize the dough by passing a ribbon from left to right and from top to bottom. When everything is ready you will have to remove the strips or guides and you can fill in the holes they have left on the surface. To finish, let it dry for about 10 days.

Plastering a wall step by step

But now we are going to briefly dwell on the method so that you can learn step by step how to plaster a wall. The first thing of all is that you take into account the necessary materials to carry out this operation; are the following:

  • Trowel
  • Barbed brush
  • Spatula or shovel
  • Cube
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon
  • Trackers

As soon as you have the materials ready, we will start plastering the wall by following these steps:

  1. Place the battens: the first thing we have to do is put the battens on the wall, highlighting which areas we want to plaster.
  2. Next, we must mix the cement in the cube to create it.
  3. Now we must thoroughly clean the wall we want to work so that the plaster result is perfect; once cleaned, we will only have to moisten it so that the plaster penetrates better. Eye: it must be damp but NOT wet.
  4. The next step will be to apply a layer of the mortar and, later, we will equalize the dough by passing a strip that will help us to flatten it.
  5. As soon as you have it ready you can remove the strips and fill any holes that may have been. The goal is for a uniform and 100% homogeneous mass to remain.
  6. And that’s it! Now you only have to wait approximately 10 days for the plaster on the wall to look perfect.

Tricks for plastering a wall

If this is your first time performing this task, you may find the plaster laborious and tiring. A trick to make it easier for us is to apply the plaster by pulling gobs and smoothing.

So remember to throw gobs and stretch with the help of a trowel to get a perfectly even surface. Also, on especially high walls you may need scaffolding and the help of several people for safety.

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