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How to Find Location Without Internet? Try These Apps

It happens more and more often, especially if we are in cities unknown to us, to find ourselves looking for certain places through the Google Maps navigator, present in all Android devices. But what if you do not have an internet connection that is Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G? Absolutely nothing. You can continue to use the navigator safely and without interruption. To find out how to find location without the internet, keep reading this guide!

How to find location without internet?

  • Smartphone with Android operating system
  • Internet connection (for app download)

Google Maps

In order to be able to use the Navigator without using the Internet, you will need it first. Open the Google Maps application by connecting to a public Wi-Fi (you can easily find them at bars or railway stations) and go to the menu indicated at the top left with three horizontal lines. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on “Offline Maps”. This page will show you all the zones you have previously saved. Selecting the item “Select your map”, the area that will appear inside the blue square will be the one that will be installed on your phone in order to use the navigator without the internet.

Adjust it by zooming in or out, moving it to the right or left, in the areas you prefer to have within reach. Having chosen the area, press the “Download” item at the bottom right and you’re done. In fact, when you need it, just go back to the menu, offline maps and choose the map that is most useful to you. Small trick: this map will ONLY work for car mode, not recognizing “public transport”, “on foot”, “private transport” or “by bike” mode.

how to find location without internet

Tom Tom

If you don’t want to rely on the “dear and old” Google Maps, then one of the most recommended apps capable of carrying out this service is “TomTom”, the official application of the manufacturer of cutting-edge satellite navigation systems. The app, which you can find on Google Play, allows you to have all the maps available, to keep them constantly updated and easily accessible offline. The application, if used in its free form, will allow you to use it for a maximum distance of 75 kilometers. Once you have covered these, you will have to download the full version available for a few dollars.

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How does it work? From the first launch of the app, it will ask you to choose a map (or more) to download. Select the one you prefer and save it on your Android. At this point, press the three dots at the bottom left and use the “search” function and you are done. The app, however, similarly to Google Maps, works only for travel by car but will also indicate speed cameras, petrol stations on the road etc.

Offline maps and navigation

The “TomTom” app is not for you because you want to have other functions or because you don’t want to spend money to get the Premium version? We have the right application for you too! It’s called “Maps and Offline Navigation” and is downloadable and usable for free. Very similar to the official application offered by Google, by going to “Maps” and choosing the sequence “Europe”, first and, “Italy”, after, the download of the roads of all our country will start. At this point, all you need to do is go back to the main page of the application and look for the point where you want to go. The application has two options: either walking or driving by car.

Here WeGo

There is one last app that I feel I want to recommend, especially for those traveling by public transport. Its name is “Here WeGo” and not only allows you to use the navigator without the internet but also gives you the possibility to view the routes by train, metro or bus. Comfortable, isn’t it? You just have to choose which Offline GPS Navigator method to use on your Android device!

For the first uses of the offline satellite navigator, download multiple applications that perform the same functions. Once you find the best app, remove unused apps to increase the space available on your device. This guide is for informational purposes only, so always ask for expert advice.

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