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Vinyl Rugs in Decorating: What They Are and Advantages

The rugs have always been used in the decoration of homes, giving a differentiating, comfortable and warm touch to the different spaces. Classic, children’s, natural fibers, long or short pearl … the variety is enormous, but the new trend is heading towards vinyl, woven or printed rugs.

The carpets have always been present in homes and have met several functions, not only aesthetically, as differentiators space but also very useful in relation to the thermal or acoustic insulation. Today, consumer tastes direct their steps towards vinyl rugs. If you want to know more about what vinyl rugs are and their advantages, keep reading this article.

Vinyl rugs in decorating

Vinyl rugs in decorating

For those who do not know its existence, the main distinguishing feature of vinyl rugs is their plastic composition. They are made with materials such as PVC, fiberglass or PET, the same material used in recycled plastic bottles. The resulting aesthetic is very nice and attractive, there are many different designs to suit any space or style. If you need carpet or vinyl as custom, the carpets vinyl Mundoalfombra are the best choice because they allow being cut exactly to size the user’s needs.

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Custom vinyl rugs

This is one of the characteristics that stand out in the market with this type of rug. Made to measure for each user, they can be used in corridors, hallways, offices, bedrooms or in living rooms under the dining table.

Vinyl rugs are ideal for delimiting spaces. As they are thin, they do not give the feeling of a bulky carpet, so they are valid for any time of the year, regardless of increasing temperatures.

They are found in a large number of available colors, therefore, it is easy to satisfy the desires of each consumer with showy rugs that can be combined with space where they are going to be placed.

Vinyl rugs for indoors or outdoors

Inside the vinyl rugs, suitable models for indoor use and outdoor use are located. Due to their composition and the way they are manufactured, they can go beyond the limits of the home and be exposed to the elements in open-air spaces, exposed to the sun or rain. For example, the Keeper model is one of those that allows this multipurpose use, thanks to its surface fabric resistant to sunlight and that it can be scrubbed without a problem. Its base is fused with the surface, which is why it is very resistant to variations in temperature, use and cleaning products.

Vinyl rim mats to choose from

You can choose the color you want if you want to achieve some kind of contrast with the base of the carpet. There is a wide variety of fabric or synthetic leather borders or, as you can imagine, you can choose to make the carpet with the edge of the same material as the base. Regardless of the design chosen, all guarantee the elaboration with first quality materials, resistant and washable.

When you want to get PVC and vinyl rugs larger than two meters wide, a fretwork of the same material is added to the vinyl base. For example, if the rolls are two meters long, but you want to make a carpet 2.5 meters wide, you have to add a 25 cm vinyl fret on each side.

For most models, the maximum width that can be sewn is 25 cm on all edges of the carpet, but, for example, to the Keeper model, you can add the width of the width you want and get a carpet large, resistant, fine and modern. You could make a rug with a fretwork up to 1 meter wide if you want. You just have to contact Mundoalfombra to resolve any type of question.

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