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6 Must-Haves in Your Bag for A Convenient Dollywood Trip

Dollywood is one of the top theme parks in the Us visited by millions of people around the world. With summer vacations at full peak and COVID-19 finally leaving us, people are planning a great trip to their beloved theme park. Whether you are planning a day trip with your friends or an extended one-week holiday to explore every nook and cranny of this fantastic theme park, consider making the right packing choices.

You need to pack every quintessential item to keep yourself facilitated in case of any emergency. We have covered every mandatory thing you need on your next trip to Dollywood.


Sunscreen is a convenient item if you are visiting a city like Nashville. With temperatures surpassing 30 degrees Celsius every day during the summers, it can really have an impact on your skin.

Remember the days when your mom bugged you until you put on that sunscreen before leaving home? History will definitely repeat itself if you plan to take your kids to Dollywood on their summer break. Make sure you have plenty to spare in case the main bottle runs out.

Apply sunscreen before leaving for the trip and reapply it multiple times throughout the journey. The last thing you want is a nasty sunburn. Recommended sunscreen is:

  • SPF 15 to 30 for normal skin
  • SPF 30 to 50 for normal and oily skin
  • SPF 50 and above to sensitive skin

Make sure to consult a dermatologist before applying sunscreen with higher SPF on children.

Extra Clothing

Although mandatory for longer trips, most people think bringing a spare set of clothes is irrelevant for a day trip. This couldn’t be more wrong. Dollywood is one of the top parks where water rides are a chief priority. These rides become compulsory if you have children with you. While splashing through the adrenaline-boosting water rides on a sizzling Nashville noon, pack some extra clothes and a pair of shoes.

This may require some additional space in your bag, or you may have to take a bigger bag with you. However, to avoid that sloppy disgusting feeling of wet socks and clothes touching your body and making it more pruney by the second, packing extra is the key. We always recommend people to wear light casual attire for a comfortable trip. You need to pack:

  • Extra t-shirt/shirt for everyone who is going on the trip
  • Extra pair of socks
  • A couple of flip flops if you plan to change shoes during water rides
  • A pair of towels

Add clothing according to the number of days you intend to spend on the Smoky Mountain Cabins.

Charger and Power Banks

One of the worst misconceptions that many people have is the thought of not using their phones on the trip. No one uses his/her phone more than a person on a vacation who is trying to capture everything as it happens.

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook undoubtedly have connected us to people around the world but in a really battery-draining kind of way. Make sure to pack your phone charger and power bank to stay connected, safe, and on the grid. Although parks offer charging stations, keeping your own wireless option is an excellent way to not depend on anyone. Pack with yourself:

  • 1 charger adapter (everyone can pack their own in their bag)
  • 1 to 3 fully-charged wireless power banks depending on the length of your trip.
  • 2 charging cables

Power banks are available in 10,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh, 30,000 mAh, and higher variants. Just buy one that can at least charge your phone to full twice a day.

Extra Snacks

This may pop a question in your head about eating out in the theme park with the family. Well, of course, that should be your primary choice of nourishment on a trip. Even if you don’t prefer to eat there, having children with you is a solid reason for why you will be eating there.

Children tend to get hungry on the road or impatient during the waiting lines. It can be pretty frustrating to wait in lines for tickets, a scorching sun blazing on top of your head with a nagging child wanting to get in the ride ASAP. This is where the snacks come in handy. By giving them a snack, you can keep your kid occupied for a while until you get tickets. Just make sure not to fill with snacks before a speedy ride.

You may also experience a drain in energy levels leading to anxiety and feeling sluggish. Having a few extra bites before the main meal can help you instantly boost energy levels. You can keep convenient snacks in your bag like:

  • Chips
  • Pretzels
  • Nuts
  • Granola Bars

Keep in mind anything that your child prefers as their favorite snack because things can take a turn for the worse if you don’t hand over their favorite treat!


Although Dollywood is a highly facilitated park with card swiping facilities, you still need to keep a couple of dollars spare in case there is a problem with the cards, or you need to purchase something from small stands.

Always keep half of the amount needed in cash and pay the rest through the cards or pre-book your rides. Pre-booking rides and paying in advance through an online transaction will help you stay ahead in lines and even get bonuses and discounts.

  • Dollywood has its own mobile app that informs users about relevant deals and pre-booking opportunities.
  • Book from the simple app or website in case of advance bookings.
  • Put cash in different pockets to keep track of money, and in case you get mugged, there will be some spare cash.

Keeping a combination of cards and cash is the best way to manage a sound budget. If you plan to explore Pigeon Forge attractions and Smoky mountain all at once, make sure to carry relevant budgeted cash with you.


Staying hydrated in the summer is essential for your skin, kidneys, and energy. Instead of wasting money buying plastic water bottles after every 30 minutes, pack a water bottle with you. It is pretty easy to get dehydrated during an adrenaline-filled holiday, so make sure to pack one with your things and keep it filled at all times.

You can infuse the water with some refreshing fruits such as lemon and strawberries to beat the Nashville heat. This will help you keep your water count maintained without spending additional bucks. You should

  • Carry a 1 to 2-liter water bottle
  • Prefer a weather-proof bottle that does not disturb the contents of your water bottle.
  • Packaged juices to maintain glucose level.

We don’t recommend packing fresh juices because they can go bad. A smelly juice is not something you want on a fun trip like Dollywood.


Dollywood is one of the finest and busiest theme parks in America. People around the world come to visit this amazing park for an experience of a lifetime. To have a facilitated trip where everything is at your convenience, pack all the essentials, whether it is a one-day trip or a weekly trip. From extra clothes, water bottles, and power banks to spare cash, everything must be adequately packed.

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