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A shore side special that stands the test of time

Have you ever heard of a Gansey or as the Irish say Geansai? It’s a lot more common than you would think. In fact you might even have one in your wardrobe already. Even if you don’t you will have at one point in your life owned an Aran Sweaters of some kind. These hard wearing and water resistant jumpers are perfect for the seashore life and the fisherman that use them.

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They are now more for fashion items. They also come in a variety of colours. One of the most popular is navy blue as you would expect but white and creamy is also popular and very common. The wool that tis used is the most important part of the sweater. It comes from ships that are special, not the average kind. Thay are called merino and provide the raw material for the garment.

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All along the coast of the country there are examples of the style. Some are very basic in design but others are quite complex. The Aran Sweaters of Shamrock Gift are great examples of the Irish gansey. They certainly make a better fashion option than a big plastic sou’wester and well boots! It would be hard to give them a  fashion makeover. Better to stick to the jumpers and have done with it.

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