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Where should your radiator go in your home?

When it comes to planning or re-designing a room, radiator location might not necessarily be the first consideration on your list.

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However, this isn’t a factor that should be overlooked or left as an afterthought. Choosing a good location for your radiator won’t just assist in getting the most from your energy costs; it can also complement interior design. What exactly should you think about when positioning a new radiator?

Coldest areas

Most radiators are found underneath the window. It’s an interior trend that dates back to Victorian times. According to Utility Design, this is because the cold air that will come through a window is directed upward due to the convection of hot air from the radiator. Therefore, the room will feel much warmer and it is consequently a more efficient use of your energy. Nevertheless, many modern houses are blessed with double glazed windows that generally prevent a lot of cold air from coming in. If this is the case in your property, you will have more freedom of choice when positioning your radiator.

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Away from obstructions

Placing radiators behind sofas, wardrobes and even curtains can greatly restrict their heat flow.  Perhaps getting an Aluminium Radiator from sites similar to https://apolloradiators.co.uk/designer-radiators will allow for more heat efficiency and heat your home better.

At best, this can diminish their heating potential; at worst, it can pose a significant fire risk or cause a leak if you hit a pipe in the wrong area. Focal point

Long gone are the days where radiators were a practical necessity. Now they can be every bit as stylish as they are functional. With a range of stainless steel radiators and even radiators with decorative designs on them, you are bound to find something to complement your interior, so why not make a feature out of it?

Positioning a heated towel rail on your bathroom wall makes for an impressive and functional feature. This is another area of the home that a plumber may be needed because of potential bath and sink pipework.  Industrial, stainless steel radiators will fit right into a modern, urban-themed kitchen. Cast iron column radiators will look perfect in a vintage-themed bedroom. Don’t be afraid to position your radiators in the same way you’d position any other soft furnishing or accessory in the home.

Radiators don’t just have to be functional. Thanks to modern design, you have the freedom to utilise this important heating unit as an interior design tool, too.


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