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Ways to improve the health of your employees

Even before the world of COVID19, and all the working from home, there was a growing obligation from employers to look after the health of their employees. The legislation was making it pretty clear that the physical and mental health of the employee was something that the employer could simply not ignore. What ways can the employer look to help in this matter?

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  1. Have a very clean office. Using someone like a Commercial Cleaning Belfast based company like maccleanni.com/ is a surefire way of ensuring a clean environment for the staff to use safely in the knowledge it’s being kept up to standard.
  2. Get a gym installed. With our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, it’s perhaps not the best idea to have people sit around all the time. Giving them a place to work out for a bit is not a bad idea.
  3. Have an online and telephone EAP. An EAP is an employee assistance line. It can be supplied by a third party. It gives the employee a point of contact for mental health issues, finances and legal issues, plus it’s all confidential.

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  1. Have a decent cafe and break area. People like a decent cup of tea or coffee and you should try and give it to them if you can. Hot water taps, rather than kettles, are a great way to save time and generate a good feeling.
  2. Include workplace assessments to check that positions and posture are ok and that no long term ill effects like eye strain and sciatica are going to be caused by simply coming into the office and doing set hours

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