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Two interesting facts about Gold

Gold is one. If not the most sought after material on the planet earth. Its rich dark yellow colour is used to create a variety of useful items for human use. The most common is to create jewelry but they have also been used to make coins and be used as a system of bartering for goods and services, basically like money. However there are other things about it that you might not know.

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  1. It was used as a panel in the McLaren F1’s Boot. Stuck for a material that would provide the necessary ductile strength but also be light enough to reduce the cars already impressive performance the engineers decide on only one course of action. The only metal they could use was gold. This is why it cost £500k and you got a free Rolex and set of Titleist golf clubs and bag when you bought one.

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  1. It was indirectly responsible for the creation of Levi 501’s. The Gold rush of 1843 to 1855 brought huge amounts of prospector from all over the world to California. The small city of San Francisco suddenly found itself awash with people and money. Taking advantage of this, a young Levi Straus opened up a branch of his families shop in the City and started to do very well. Teaming up with Jacob W Davis they created the signature jeans we know today to cater for the influx of workers. You can still get mens levi jeans at places like EJ Menswear

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