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How to Fit Your Bicycle Top Ways to Know

length from the seat to the handlebars and neck position, which can rule all and can make sure that you and put the handlebars in a certain position just from that.

There is safety is one of the focusing issues. Built-in already so that we don’t extend the seat or the handlebars past a certain point so that it doesn’t fall off all right.

First Step

So, the first thing is seat height. Now, when you are sitting on a bike, you really want to be able to have good leg extension at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

This is how, you know, if it’s in a good position for you or not. Now, my knee is very bent at the bottom of this pedal stroke, and I really want to be able to extend the seat up a little bit more.

So, here we are going to tell how to measure bike size and make it easy to do.

So that it’s less and this is caused if I was to ride this way, then when I got to the top of the pedal stroke, my knee is very bent and there’s no power behind this pedal stroke because I can’t really put my muscles into it.

I’m really just leaning on it. So, if I was to raise it, the saddle then when I get that back to the pedal stroke here and he is only slightly bent at the problem of this poster and that make will make a huge difference.

Once I start riding it’ll make it feel not like a kid’s mic. Now, the second thing is also the distance from the seat to the handlebars. So, this bike is a comfortable bike it’s made to let me sit up straight.

Now this one and I’ve already loosened this and just to show that you can sit up straight or we can lean forward now on this.

If I was wanting to lean forward, it gives the bike a little more active feel and is more like a fitness bike.

If you keep your back straight and you put your glutes into this ride more, you can ride faster and it’ll be a little bit more of a powerful ride than if I was to just keep sitting up straight.

Now, neck position can really indicate for anybody and how you’re going to sit. So, if you already have a neck injury and your neck, doesn’t like to turn one way or the other. Then when you’re leaning forward on a bike, you can really and it can mean that you have to stretch put like an impingement on your neck.

Second Step

It really crimps it and, in that case, then we want to think about either being able to extend out to eliminate that or changing the position and I’ll explain how you can do.

So, this bike is an FX is designed to lean you forward and to have a little bit of an active feel to it. This one’s too big for me, so it’s a little long and it puts a lot of pressure on my hands.

Consequently, my neck would feel a little sore at the end of the ride because I’m really trying to look up to see what’s in front of the bike.

It’s just so long that I spending a lot of power and time trying to hold onto the handlebars and control the bike.

So, if I was to make this bike shorter, I’d put an extension that would let me sit up straighter and lets my neck, have a little bit easier angle to it and it would feel better all around.

So, because if you can breathe and you can see and can turn the head, then that’s a good point. So pro tips you if you need if you have a problem with your neck and you need to be able to see behind you that your neck doesn’t turn that way.

Use some mirrors that can go in the handlebar or on the hand bar, either way, there are really kinds of various.

Third Step

Now, the last thing we’re going to talk about is minimum insertion points. Now I’ll see posts and stems, a little workbench over here has these little etched symbols on them to show where the bike needs to be.

So, I need to insert all of this part of the seat posts into the frame so that none of this is showing in order to be.

The same goes for this stem and it also has a minimum insertion line and that needs to be inside the frame for it to be safe.

If you can see either one of those lines sticking up out of your face, then we have extended the seat post or this or the stem a little too long and we want to make sure we put those back in the frame.

So, it’s safe for you and those are our four things and really help them make sure you have a good length to your leg for the leg extension on the pedal stroke and seat position from the seat to the handlebar can help with your back.

Your neck position can rule all makes you sit in one for this position that works for you and then those minimum insertion points, make sure it’s safe.


You got to be able to ride it safely in order to have fun. So, if you need more biking tips and tricks, you can visit OutdoorXsports and get more information.

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