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Timber Framed Extension – Adding Value To Your Home

Planning permission is necessary before undertaking any home improvement work, and one of the most popular types of improvements is a Timber Framed Extension, like those from Timberpride. Home owners are able to apply for planning permission at either their local council or at the county council where the property is located. It is vital that a developer carries out proper research in order to obtain the correct planning authority, as failing to do so could result in a large number of unnecessary delays. A developer seeking planning permission must also ensure that any proposed work complies with all local and national building regulation standards. Once planning permission has been obtained, the developer will be able to proceed with the planned work; however, it is essential that the proposed work is carried out according to the letter and spirit of the planning permission.

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Timber Framed Extension works can include many different kinds of projects, including repairing existing walls, extending the length of existing buildings or reconfiguring existing classrooms or playhouses. They can also incorporate additions to already existing buildings, including conversion of retail units, an addition to a newly built car park, or even a new swimming pool. Timber Framed Extensions are a cost effective way to extend the available space in your home. Unlike other forms of timber framing, such as block building or panel construction, these extensions do not require the removal of any existing walls or other structure.

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The final decision to be made when planning a Timber Framed Extension is whether to go with a low budget extension, or a high budget luxury extension. For many people, the low budget option is the best choice, but of course this all depends on the individual requirements of the individual.


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