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Three Ways to Attract Wildlife This Spring

With January out of the way, we can look forward to the coming of spring and the joy of being outdoors and in the garden once again. Something that is great to do at this time of the year is to create a haven for the garden wildlife that will start to spring to life very soon. Here are some great ways to get your garden looking great and also good for wildlife this spring…

Put up Nesting Boxes – Birds will soon be looking for places to raise their chicks. Put nesting boxes in your garden in high up places away from the reach of predators. If you are putting them in a tree, it is a good idea to check that the tree is suitable and safe before you go climbing up it – contact someone like this tree surgeon Bournemouth based Kieran Boyland to get it checked properly.

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Build a Pond – If you want a feature for your garden to add some interest, and also a place to provide a home for many creatures, then a pond is perfect. A pond can be large or small, and water is a peaceful thing to be around on a warm sunny day when you are relaxing in the garden!

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Plant Wild Flowers – Creating a space that is full of wild flowers will attract many bees and species of butterfly. With numbers dwindling in the bee population, this is a great way to help these essential little creatures to thrive once again.

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