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The Most Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Carpet cleaners may offer you their top carpet cleaning tips in between professional cleanings and this can be very useful information. But then you have those misconceptions and ill-advised warnings that may actually serve to damage instead of protect your carpeting. Let’s take a look at the most common among them you should probably ignore altogether:

Don’t “Over-Vacuum” Your Rug

Some carpet owners believe that you could vacuum your carpet too much causing it to come apart. These folks believe that the fibers might start to come loose from the backing material and the longevity of the carpeting is shortened.

That’s bunk. You will not wear out your carpet from vacuuming it over and over again. The theory is that the vacuum’s rollers and wheels might start to injure the fibers, increasing the levels of wear and tear that the carpet might receive and ultimately cause some damage.

However, there is no evidence to support these claims so feel free to vacuum your carpet as often as you like. In fact, vacuuming everyday can ensure that your carpet is clean of any dirt, soil, grime, dust, bacteria, allergens, and contaminants that can get onto the surface of your fibers and become ground in with even routine levels of foot traffic.

Vacuuming Is Enough

Yes, vacuum as much as you wish. No, don’t just vacuum and neglect deep cleaning. Sound crazy? Well, it’s another big misconception that gets passed around all too often and it’s causing a lot of carpet owners to live with very unhealthy carpeting.

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A vacuum cleaner is ideal for sucking up the surface stuff. But when soil and bacteria slip down past the top of those fibers and get ground down towards the backing material, it’s almost impossible for a vacuum to clear all of that out. Only a professional deep cleaning or steam cleaning can get at those contaminants.

So, what’s the reasoning here? Why do people believe that a vacuum cleaner can do all the work? The best guess is because deep cleaning uses moisture and too much of it can damage a carpet. As a result, some carpet owners may try to play it safe by avoiding the moisture altogether and going just with a vacuum cleaner to get the carpet clean.

But this simply won’t work and it’s a bad idea anyway. Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Do it more often if you have a home with elevated levels of foot traffic.

Carpeting Triggers Allergic Reactions

When it comes to crazy misconceptions, this is probably the most widely disseminated of them. So, the belief here is that a carpet can trigger allergic reactions in sufferers because the fibers and material attract all kinds of allergens. Any allergy sufferer who goes anywhere near carpeting is liable to break out in hives and become wracked with coughing and sneezing fits.

This is nonsense. Except. You do need to keep your carpet clean. There is some sliver of truth to this misconception because a dirty carpet is going to be detrimental to anyone’s health if left uncleaned for long periods of time.

If you ignore your carpet and fail to clean it on a routine basis, then you are stuffing it with all of those contaminants that can be launched airborne every time you step on the fibers. If anything, carpet is better-suited for homes with allergy sufferers because the carpet fibers can act as a magnet for all of that airborne bacteria, trapping all of it in the carpet.

Vacuuming and cleaning can eliminate all of those contaminants so you don’t trigger an allergic reaction. If you let all of it build up in the carpet, you’re creating a very unhealthy living situation for you and your family.

Cleaning Your Carpet Can Shrink It

You’ll hear this from folks warning other carpet owners about cleaning their carpets. But it’s usually those owners who have carpets made from wool. These people believe that a wool carpet is much like a wool sweater, you throw that into your washing machine and it’s going to shrink.

So, it just makes sense that washing your wool carpet with all of the water that comes from deep cleaning will shrink it in the same fashion. This, of course, is not true and you won’t shrink your wool or any other type of carpet by cleaning it with hot water or hot steam. To this day, no carpet has been shrunk this way. It’s true excess moisture can damage your carpet but never shrink it.


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