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Most Expensive Accordions in the World

An accordion can be much more than a simple musical instrument that reminds us of nice childhood songs. This curiously shaped instrument produces musical notes when the accordionist compresses and expands the main bellows and at the same time plays the keys. It became very popular in North America and was spread by immigrants when they arrived in the USA.

In the 50s-60s it began to be widely used by Rock and Roll stars. Today it is not in disuse but it is increasingly difficult to find a song only played by an accordion. If you want to know which are the most expensive accordions in the world, don’t miss this article.

Most expensive accordions in the world

The quality of accordions is given according to its manufacturer, but above all according to its craftsmanship. The most famous center for the production of handmade accordions is located in the Italian city of Stradella, in the Lombardy region.

The coastal town of Castelfidardo, in the central-eastern part of the country, is also very important in the production of this instrument.

most expensive accordions in the world

Accordion brands and prices

So what is the most expensive accordion in the world? There are several models that have become true luxury pieces. These accordions are characterized by including high-quality materials, capable of producing exceptional sound quality.

The Hohner Gola model: This accordion sells for just over $ 30,000. It is not only the brand name that makes this accordion so expensive but the crafts that are included in its manufacture.

The Weltmeister Supita model: Costing around $ 17,500, this is a dream accordion mostly for its style and functionality. With handmade reeds, a beautiful plated part and a precision mechanical zone, this accordion is a true luxury for lovers of these musical instruments.

Now that you know which are the most expensive accordions in the world, which one interests you the most?

Accordion types

There are different types of accordions, but the main ones are:

  • Chromatic piano accordion: also known as a key accordion, similar to those of a small piano.
  • Chromatic or button accordion: in this case, to play the notes of the accordion you have to press some buttons that are included.
  • Diatonic Accordion: This type of accordion is capable of producing two notes at once.
  • Concertina: This one has buttons on both sides and differs from the others by the direction the keys take when pressed.

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