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Silicone hoses: characteristics and applications

Silicone hoses are an incredibly versatile part of the manufacturing arsenal, thanks mostly to their unique chemical and physical properties. These hoses are used in many industrial sectors, such as biotechnological, medical, pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing, power and food.

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Whilst not all silicone hoses are constructed in the same way, with differing properties employed for their different applications, one thing that all silicone hose manufacturers stand by is the way in which their products handle extremes of temperatures.

Whether you are working in construction manufacturing and looking for a way to deliver consistent results when machining parts or are a food producer looking to capitalise on the growing trend for plant-based alternatives for meat products, there will be a silicone hose designed to do precisely what you need it to do.

Characteristics of the silicone hose

In addition to the resistance to vast changes in temperature, making the silicone hose perfect for many different manufacturing applications, it has a range of positive characteristics. The hoses all naturally have great resistance to oxidisation, helping to keep the products moving through as fresh as possible, which is perfect for the food industry. Physical characteristics also include resistance to tearing and the ability to withstand compression. To put it simply, silicone hose manufacturers pride themselves on making highly resilient products.

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Similarly, silicone hoses can withstand steam at low pressures – above three atmospheres, partial degradation of silicone occurs – and they are great at handling weather conditions, UV radiation and infrared radiation.

Some applications of silicone hoses

General-purpose silicone hoses are most often used in various industrial installations and in-home appliances. The hoses are used within heating or cooling systems and can operate effectively from 60°C to 200°C, making them incredibly versatile.

When working with food products, food-grade silicone hoses are designed specifically to be hygienic and safe to use without affecting the quality of the products. The main way in which this occurs is by ensuring that the inner surface of the hoses is perfectly smooth to inhibit particulate build-up. Food grade silicone hoses are also compliant with the hygiene requirements of major bodies, including the FDA and EC.

Hoses to be used in pharmaceutical applications are created in the strictest cleanroom conditions, using the highest purity materials to ensure they are safe to be used to manufacture medical products.

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