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Organise your commercial fridge or freezer or its the skip

Tips for It can be very difficult to keep commercial fridges and freezers clean. This is because they are used every day by different people, and over time the fridge can become disorganised and messy. This can quickly become a big problem for the restaurant, as the food is more likely to be contaminated if it is disorganised.  This can actually cause it to malfunction and break if your not careful, and then the only thing you can do is get a Llanelli skip hire company sourced on sites including pendragonskiphire.co.uk/llanelli-skip-hire/ where they will take it away for you.

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Thankfully, it is easy to keep your commercial fridge clean if you follow a few rules. Here are three rules to help you keep your commercial fridge or freezer organised.

Keep all the meat on the lowest shelf

It is important to keep all the meat on the lowest shelf to prevent any cross contamination. This is because meat can contain lots of dangerous bacteria; if it touches anything else in the fridge, such as a marinade, the item will need to be thrown away.

Keeping meat on the lowest shelf in the fridge is the best way to prevent cross contamination, as there is no food underneath the meat that could be dripped on. It also means that you won’t have to throw away lots of food if you spill any meat juice in the fridge when taking it out.

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Don’t put food on the fridge floor

Some employees may be tempted to store food in the fridge floor if the rest of the fridge is full; however, this is a dangerous practice that should be avoided. This is because the floor of the fridge is likely to contain unclean water or bacteria that could touch the food and contaminate it.

It can also be colder on the floor of the fridge, making food more likely to spoil, and you may need to replace your fridge if your food is still spoiling quickly when it is on the shelves.

Don’t cram items together

If your fridge is packed full with items touching, it is likely that the air is not circulating properly. The fridge needs to have lots of space so that the cold air can circulate around; if there is not much space, items will spoil quickly. Make sure that you leave a little space between all the items so that the cold air can circulate around the fridge.

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