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P1351 – Ignition Control Module Circuit High Voltage

The ignition control module has independent power and ground circuits, having several circuits inside and outside that compose it as a whole. By itself, the ICM is in charge of monitoring the CKP timing signal when the engine is already started, finding that this signal passes from the CKP sensor to the ICM in the CKP sensor 2 signal circuit. This signal is generally used to determine the correct cylinder pair to initiate the ignition coil firing sequence, displaying the OBDII P1351 error code in the event of faults or problems in this particular area.

What the P1351 OBD2 Error Code Means

The OBDII error code P1351 means that there is a general malfunction or problem in the ICM, finding that this specific code varies greatly depending on the make of the vehicle you own. An example of the above is the following meanings of the OBD2 P1351 error code:

  • For Ford cars, this code means that there is a fault in the dealer’s IDM circuit.
  • Toward Isuzu cars, this code means that the ignition control module is failing in addition to the ECM, a mechanical fault, or wiring faults.
  • For Toyota and Lexus cars, this code means that the variable valve timing sensor is faulty.


Symptoms of fault P1351

  • Engine emergency light or “Check Engine” light on the dash.
  • Failures while starting the vehicle.
  • Engine stalls suddenly.
  • Irregularities in idling, more when the operating temperature is reached.

Being an OBDII fault code that varies based on the vehicle you have, the symptoms can be very specific and varied from each other.

P1351 OBDII Code Solutions

Check technical service bulletins or certified repair manuals to fix the fault that reflects this code on your vehicle. Accommodates and repairs all loose or corroded wiring directly in and around the ICM, cleaning if necessary.

Replace the ignition control module. Check that the voltage going into the CKP and the CMP sensor actually matches what the manufacturer specifies. In case the reading is not correct, check the connectors and wiring of these vehicle components and repair if necessary.

Causes of DTC P1351 code

  1. The ignition control module is faulty.
  2. ICM harness is open or shorted.
  3. Bad electrical connection at ICM.
  4. Bad connection in the battery. The battery cables may be damaged.

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