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How to Work with Food Influencers in 6 Ways

Whatever industry you operate in, working with key influencers can boost your brand’s profile. For those operating in the food sector, here are six ways to capitalise on the power of influencers.

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1. Hospitality Reviews

If you work in the hospitality sector and run a Cafe or an Italian Restaurant Dublin based, invite influencers to your venue to sample what you’ve got to offer in return for reviews. The more reviews you get, the better you can reach your target audiences. Of course, you’ll be looking to gain positive reviews, so make to offer influencers the best experience possible.

2. Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is someone who promotes your brand to encourage business recognition and growth. Many businesses use celebrities or other respected people to champion their products or services. According to Business.com, brand ambassadors can also be customers and, just as importantly, employees. Consider inviting influential people in the food sector to promote your brand, whether by advertising your products or creating content that demonstrates their expertise.

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3. Sponsored Posts

This marketing method involves distributing information about your products to influencers in the food sector in the hope that they’ll spread positive messages about your offering. The good thing about using sponsored posts is that you can target a wide range of influencers.

4. Product Reviews

Whether you sell a catering fridge or other food-related products, influencers can help to increase awareness of your offering by writing product reviews. These can be posted on social media or as blog content to garner likes and shares and widen your appeal.

5. Producer or Founder Stories

As more people become interested in the provenance of the products they buy, especially when it comes to food items, you can capitalise on this trend by getting producers, founders, growers and owners on board to serve as industry influencers. Conduct interviews with these key people, or get them to divulge interesting or relevant stories related to the sector or how the business started.

6. Experience Marketing

Invite key influencers to take part in a complete experience that sums up the food product you sell. For example, if you sell wine, invite them to visit the vineyard and meet the growers. This ‘famil’ experience is a popular way to enable influencers to create content about your products and better promote your brand.

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