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How to store bikes outside?

Whether you live in a city or the country, there’s always a chance that you have a bicycle outside. If so, it’s important to keep your bike in good condition and not let it rust away. Here are some tips on how to store bikes outside.

Storing bikes outside is one of the things that many people would like to do but are not sure how to go about it. This article will provide you with some tips on how to store your bike outdoors and some pointers on how to make sure it stays safe during winter.

How to store bikes outside?

First, make sure you are clear on the purpose of storing your bike outside. What I mean is that if it’s not for a recreational activity but just for storage purposes, then it shouldn’t be stored outdoors, especially in cold climates like Minneapolis, Minnesota. Because the home temperature will lower further by -5°C, which is low enough to let rust develop around the object permanently. This could be disastrous and break down all belongings under an extremely high moisture environment. So, making caution of keeping the bike safe without fail is a must. You may read: Beginner mountain bikes

Another thing you should be clear with is the weather element like cold, heat, and radiation in terms of your biking neighborhood because varying from the location can exist as seasons around winter time where especially if it’s located far away from the humid environment (Minnesota), then there won’t be any harm even when the temperature goes down to -10°C that allows rusting toward bikes and making them unusable.

Whatever types of storage environment you have, keep in mind that it’s better to know before storing your bike outside which are best suited for the purpose. If possible, buy a ready-made shed or building plans with all the material setup on the worktable (which can be fixed and moveable). If not, try adapting these into some type of life-sized plan or structure, plus weather condition is from 10°C.

Store bikes outside with waterproof seat cover

Since it will be harmed when exposed to outdoor elements. Therefore, I suggest that you should purchase a waterproof bike seat cover that protects your bike from being damaged in areas with indoor and outdoor temperature differences as the wintertime in Minneapolis to normal 25°C but can drop down to -5°C so the storage conditions can be appropriate for storing bikes up to two or more seasons if possible depending on their purpose without fail of getting harm especially by rusting completely into unusable condition at some point.

Store bikes in Bicycle Sheds

If you don’t want to store bikes outside, just yet for two or more seasons, only then try out using Bicycle Sheds which have flexible space and environment-friendly solutions with all materials (i.e., bars, stands) that can be assembled on a worktable in indoor temperature of -10°C, but the element is cold without fail so will not be damaged by outdoor elements keeping a safe bike inside alright.

Store bikes in Bicycle Tents

Well, there’s nothing better than using Bicycle Tents which have all needed elements like bars, stands,, and accessories that can be assembled on a worktable inside of indoor temperature, but there is one problem revolving around the heat. So if the temperatures are too hot above an average of 40°C, it may damage timber parts of bicycle such as bars or stand to get faster liquidation in wintertime, especially when used frequently because they will rust away was more easily cut off by rain and snow as well for more time than usual in winter.

The Disadvantages of Outside Bike Storage

Bikes which are stored outside in a garage or under the roof of house inside the warehouse can be hurt by water coming in through condensation and they will rust as well because of rain, snow and more time than usual due to temperature difference that’s why we should store our preferred bikes only when it cools down.

If your bike is located near an outdoor wind tunnel, the air may circulate the metal fasteners, so you need special care for them so you don’t get a broken, wrong key piece.

If you place your bikes in the garage and it’s very hot/cold around, a light will be unnecessary because they might freeze or crack deep down overnight.

Factors to consider before storing the bike outside

Since you are storing the bike for a long period, this must happen in a place where people can keep an eye on them to make sure everything is stable.

Choose a safe place

This is the point where it’s important to secure bikes slightly from wind, turbulence, and moving vehicles. Thus consider where you are storing a bike so that people around can get easy access or find out what kind of mischief might break into your bicycle in case something happens if these factors don’t give way to choosing a safe place inside or under tall trees with shade on all sides, for instance, should be great difference due to high alterable air quality temperature noise and water humidity.

Secure & lockdown bike

If you are keeping it outside when not in use to prevent people from taking your bike as a toy or even stealing them, as we know, some people will put bikes under their vehicles. It also might cause accidents like stationary bicycles being hit by cars where cyclist gets injured.

Put a cover

When it is cold rainy season etc., you would have to cover your bikes when not using so that these parts can maintain the humidity inside and out for safety as well.


By freely moving in and out, you can easily get your bicycle fixed after it is broken. It will allow people around to use when needed or fix if something may go wrong even with the right tools at hand, which are very important, but other stuff like noise on the side that might wake up neighbors could also be a serious concern for the safety of common ones.


Bikes are often left outside, exposed to the elements. In this blog post, we discuss how to store your bike outside. We’ve also included a video on how to store your bike outside so you can get some extra tips from us. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about storing your bike outside.

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