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Facts around applying for planning permission

If you’re considering extending your home, you will have to look at getting planning permission. The ability to just build something on the side of your home or out the back, regardless of how hidden you might think it will be, is set by the local council and its planning regulations. So, before you set about approving what the architects have designed and ordering some Builders Bristol way such as Mogford Prescott  to start construction work, you need to have planning permission.

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If you are definite on what you want, then go for a Full planning permission. Suppose you are still in the stages of trying to decide what you want then it’s as well to get Outline planning permission until you know. If you’re looking to contact an extension that does not go over your boundaries, it’s a householder planning application.  There are costs; it’s £462 for a complete planning order and £206 for a household application. So, extensions are cheaper.

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If you don’t provide complete and detailed plans, this can drag things out with the council. They may ask for further details which mean an extra £116 a property if you want to develop more than one. It can also mean a reduction and having to reapply, effectively having to pay the fee again. The cost of architectural plans are impossible to quote, but it follows that the better the quality, the more expensive that will be.

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