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Waka Waka Singer Shakira Biography, Net Worth and Music Life

Shakira is a Colombian singer known around the world for songs such as Waka Waka, La Bicycle, Hips Don’t Lie and La Tortura. You may identify yourself with the fascinating life story contained in the Shakira net worth and biography, which will give you a brief tour of her happy childhood, the problems during her teenage years and the obstacles she had to face to obtain the coveted international fame.

Shakira net worth and lifestyle

The Barranquilla sun saw the birth of Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, who grew up in a wealthy family of Arabic and Spanish origins, so multiculturalism was always present in her life. Her father, William Mebarak, is an important American writer of Lebanese descent who moved to Colombia with barely five years of age, while her mother, Nidia Ripoll, is a housewife with Italian and Spanish roots. We count the Shakira net worth 350 million dollars.

At four years old, Shakira writes her first Poem, The Crystal Rose, inspired by the stories her father wrote. Mr. Mebarak was fascinated with her daughter’s talent; So, sometime later, she gave her a typewriter which the little girl used to capture her thoughts and emotions for a long time.

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At that same age, Shakira traveled with her father to the Middle East, where she heard the sounds produced by the derbake (a percussion instrument typical of the region). Delighted with the rhythm, the little girl began to dance in front of everyone, showing, with her hips, that her Lebanese heritage did not go unnoticed.

About Shakira

  • Real Name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
  • Nick Name: Shaki, Isabel Mebarak
  • Profession: Singer, Actress and Model
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Date of Birth: 2nd February 1977
  • Net Worth: 350 million dollars
  • Height: 5 Feet 2 Inches
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Body Measurements: 34-24-37 inches
  • Bra size: 32B
  • Shoe size: 7
  • Dress size: 4 (US)
  • Breast size: 34 inches
  • Body Shape: Slim fit
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Spouse: Gerard Piqué
  • Parents: William Mebarak Chadid (Father) and Nidia Ripoll Torrado (Mother)
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakira


shakira childhood

Although the childhood of the Barranquilla was relatively happy, her father hid a deep pain after the death of one of her eldest children. The then little Shakira always saw him with dark glasses, which is why she wrote her first song in her honor, Your dark glasses, in which she describes, from innocence, what she felt when her father looked at her.

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While in elementary school, Shakira auditioned for her school choir, but the teachers did not accept her because her vibrato was too strong, which is why she was told it sounded like “a goat.” Despite this situation, the girl was quite popular in the Catholic school she attended, and her classmates called her “the belly girl,” because she always showed her artistic skills in Arabic dance.

Until the age of eight, the Colombian had a good economic position, but Everything would be about to change. Her father declared bankruptcy, so the family had to move to the city of Los Angeles, California, to live with other relatives. She realized that her family had sold almost all of her assets upon returning to her native Barranquilla. It meant a deep blow to her.

Look where the goat voice came from

At just 14 years old, Shakira moved from Barranquilla to Bogotá to make a path in the entertainment industry. In the Colombian capital, she got the attention of Sony Music executives, who gave him a record deal to publish, initially, three albums.

In 1991, the world met Shakira through Magic, her first studio album. This includes songs derived from the poems she wrote from the age of eight until her preteen experience in love: Magic, Tonight I go with you, Dark Glasses, Far from your love, Dreams, Accounts with Me and I need you.

Despite her efforts, her first record material was a resounding commercial failure, as she barely managed to sell a thousand copies. This situation did not sadden her. She did her work with more impetus in her second studio album, Danger. In the album, we can listen to songs like You, You will be the story of my life, Witchcraft and This love is the most beautiful in the world.

Student life

shakira in AQ

When we really want something, we try again and again, since there are no impossible dreams to fulfill. Shakira took a short musical break to finish her studies in high school. She released her successful album, Pies Descalzos, at 18. It is an album whose name is inspired by a painful scene she saw in her native Barranquilla when she was just a little girl. Some boys played in the park without shoes, due to the prevailing poverty that existed in Colombia at the time. In this material we met the singer’s musical masterfulness through singles like Anthology, A little love, I need you. She loves herself. She kills herself and where are you, my heart?

Many of the most popular songs on this album were born as inspiration for the letters that were sent with her first formal boyfriend, Oscar Ulloa, which lasted four years. Shakira composed and dedicated Anthology at 16 years of age, a song that describes her relationship with him. But the artist was becoming recognized, and jealousy was taking over Ulloa, until one day on Valentine’s Day, she ends the courtship.

Ulloa commented in an interview that when Shakira dabbled in acting, in a Colombian novel called El Oasis (1994), relationship problems intensified because of romantic scenes.

Did you know that it was also at 18 that Shakira created the Pies Descalzos Foundation? This is aimed at promoting the educational development of low-income children, teaching workshops on personal development, leadership and care for the environment. Do you know How much is Toni Kroos worth? Read here.


Three years later, in 1998, and with a production of more than three million dollars, the Barranquilla published Where are the thieves? In which, we sing to the rhythm of Blind, deaf and mute, Flies in the house, Eyes like that and Inevitable. It had a resounding success in countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Uruguay and Argentina, where the popularity of the singer was growing.

Flies in the house was a song dedicated to her second boyfriend, the Puerto Rican Osvaldo Ríos, who was already a famous actor by then, and with whom she lived a controversial eight-month relationship. Due to her history of alleged domestic abuse claims, her breakup with the singer unleashed strong controversies. Shakira never revealed the true reason for the breakup.

Two years after releasing the album, the Colombian singer met Antonio de la Rúa, an Argentine businessman whom she fell in love with. The relationship was not only sustained in the love plane but also in the workplace, because the son of the former Argentine president, Fernando de la Rúa, was responsible for all the legal processes of the artist. Although Shakira’s net worth is more than other singers, she spends the money on poor people.

Shakira net worth

A decade of great successes

After making known her romance with Antonio, the singer returned to the recording studios to put all her attention on her next record, Laundry Service,  in which she showed her versatility by daring to experience rock, pop and the different sounds of Latin music. In this album you can enjoy singles such as I warn you, I announce (tango), Poem to a Horse, Fool and Whenever, Wherever, who managed to position themselves among the top places in the music charts of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Norway, Holland and Turkey.

I bet you didn’t know that Shakira’s IQ is 140, so she is considered a gifted! The Colombian is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, French and Portuguese, something that not everyone can boast.


After four years without publishing new musical material, Shakira surprised her fans with Oral Fixation vol. 1, an album that contains recognized themes such as La Tortura, Las de la intuición, En Tu pupils and Día de January. It made the star deserving of gold and platinum certifications in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Chile, Spain, Colombia, Hungary, Russia and Venezuela.

This work won the Grammy for best Latin rock/alternative album. She also won four Latin gramophones: the best recording of the year, the album of the year, the song of the year and the best female pop vocal album, which positioned the artist as one of the most successful Latin singers of 2006.

Shakira left her comfort zone to work on a completely English-composed album, Oral Fixation vol. 2,  which includes songs like Animal City, Costume Makes the Clown, How Do You Do and Timor, which had a medium commercial reception.

Shakira’s hips don’t lie

In 2006 came one of the greatest hits of Shakira’s musical career, The Hips Don’t Lie, a song she performed alongside renowned Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean. She positioned her as an international superstar since no one did not relate the Colombian to her shocking hip movement.

Although the song was a resounding success worldwide, the scandals did not stop arriving. Puerto Rican singer Jerry Rivera sued her colleague for plagiarism. The trumpets heard at the beginning of the hips do not lie, are very similar to the one she used in her popular theme Amores like ours.

Although Jerry Rivera’s lawsuit tried to tarnish the song, it managed to sell more than 20 million copies around the world. The enthusiasm that caused this issue made it occupy the first position of the musical billboards of Germany, Austria, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, the United States, France, Peru, Romania and Uruguay, for several consecutive weeks.

In 2006, the singer was invited to sing The Hips Do Not Lie during the closing ceremony of the Soccer World Cup held in Germany. This was the beginning of a record broken by the singer, being the first woman in history to appear in three consecutive soccer World Cups.

That year, the Colombian woman was proud when Dieter Patt, a plastic artist of German origins, decided to make a sculpture of her that was placed, nothing more and nothing less, than at the Metropolitan Soccer Stadium of her native Barranquilla.

A more daring and commercial Shakira

After many years of musical rest, Shakira decided to launch her sixth studio album, She Wolf /Loba, in which we see the most daring side of the singer. This is composed of 12 songs, highlighting the following: Loba, What is done is done,  Mon Amour and Men in This Town, which turned out to be a worldwide success.

Later, the singer was called by the organizers of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to make the main theme of this event, Waka Waka, which she performed with the South African group Freshlyground. This became one of the greatest successes of her career, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, where her fans did not stop chanting the lyrics of the song.

While preparing to give a great show during the closing ceremony of such an important sporting event, Shakira met the Catalan star, Gerard Piqué, who assured him that he would win the World Cup to see her during the final and invite her to dinner. The singer believed that it was one of her typical jokes, but the player fulfilled her promise by winning, for the first time, the World Cup.

After the overwhelming success of Waka Waka, the star announced that it was working on a new album, Sale el sol, which comprises simple as before six, Rabiosa, Loca and The sun, which formed new and important achievements in the long list of the Barranquilla.

World cup song

shakira world cup song

The World Cup ended and Shakira thought he was not going to talk to Catalan anymore, but he couldn’t be more wrong. The player managed to get the number of the singer, and in doing so, asked how the weather was to break the ice, without waiting for her to give him a long response. That would be the beginning of a controversial love. The artist still had a romantic relationship with Antonio de la Rúa.

Shakira had fallen in love with Piqué, so, after 11 years of courtship with Antonio de la Rúa, the artist announced to the world her separation. At first, they had said that it was temporary and that they were still very good friends. Still, then the press of the heart discovered that the true causes of its rupture were the constant infidelities of the Argentine towards the Colombian, and the new romance that she was initiating With the star of soccer.

A curious fact

Shakira did not have much time to process her breakup, since shortly after he published her popular single Addicted to You, which managed to position itself as a favorite in countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain and the United States.

The hard work of many years was rewarded in November 2011, when the singer unveiled her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; In addition to receiving, at 34 years of age, a Latin Grammy for her long artistic career, becoming the youngest singer to receive this award.

Her personal life was going through a good time because on January 22, 2013, he welcomed her firstborn, Milan Piqué, into the world. The boy was born in the exclusive Teknon clinic in the city of Barcelona after the singer had a scheduled cesarean section.

Two years after this great event, the couple announced the arrival of their second child, Sasha, who curiously was also born in January.

A Latina in The Voice

We all saw a more personal facet of the Colombian in the fifth season of the popular television program The Voice premiered in September 2013, where she was part of the jury with colleagues such as  Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Usher.

The star tried her best to advise and guide the new talents that were part of her team, achieving great results in the musical advancement of each one. However, despite claiming that it was “a pleasant experience,” Shakira refused to participate in the next season of this show, as he said he felt away from her children. He wanted to be present as long as possible before embarking on her next tour.

shakira gazelle

Gazelle: a very Latin gazelle

In 2016, the Disney movie Zootopia was released, a work of adventure and comedy, typical genres in the industry, along with a somewhat different formula: police cinema, some mystery and, among its characters, a gazelle with Latin features. The latter was the condition required by Shakira to participate in the project.

The artist felt intimately identified with Gazelle, the pop superstar of Zootopia and an influential influencer, a strong advocate of the right to equality between predatory and herbivorous animals. Only the character’s original design was missing something: the hips that characterize Latin American women so much.

The Zootopia I know is better than this; We do not simply point the finger! We do not know why these attacks continue to occur, but it is irresponsible to label all predators as wild.

Shakira’s participation in this children’s film had a philanthropic desire for background, as the artist claimed to be excited to be part of a work aimed at teaching values ​​of friendship, equality and understanding to children. Thus, he did not hesitate to lend her voice to the character of Gazella and provide the main soundtrack of the film, Try Everything.

Back to the music

After passing through the world of entertainment, the star brought to the market La Bicycle, a song that she performed with her countryman Carlos Vives. This became a resounding success in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador.

During that same time, the artist also performed Blackmail with her Colombian colleague Maluma. From that moment, rumors about an alleged love relationship between the Barranquilla and the country began to emerge in the heat press, but this could never be proven.

Sometime later, Shakira brought El Dorado to the music market, record material containing songs as I fell in love, Deja Vu, Comme Moi and Perro Fiel. This album managed to get a Grammy in the category of best Latin pop album also received a nomination for the Latin Grammy for album of the year, who lost to Salsa Big Band of Ruben Blades.

Shakira composed I fell in love with her great love and father of her children, Gerard Piqué. In the video clip, you can see that he wears the camera all the time, recording the crazy things they do together and crowning the last few seconds smiling towards the lens.

shakira net worth

A philanthropist businesswoman

This Colombian star knew how to win the hearts of her fans, both for her unparalleled talent, reaching and surpassing many international pop artists, as for her noble principles and human warmth. As UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador since October 2003, she has traveled around the world (passing through countries like Azerbaijan, India, El Salvador and Israel, just to name a few) collaborating in social campaigns and giving free talks to children of low resources.

Besides this, the acclaimed artist was also co-founder (along with other great intellectuals, entrepreneurs) of another non-profit organization called Fundación ALAS, whose objective is to provide child development centers in the parts of the world in greatest need. The slogan that leads this NGO is “Everything you give, return”.

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Take part in UNICEF

Shakira’s constant and influential participation in these programs allowed him to win the UNICEF Children’s Rights Award in Germany in 2009. Because Shakira’s net worth is remarkable. In 2010, he received a medal from the International Labor Organization (ILO) for her important social work over the years, an award he also dedicated to children living in violent and extreme poverty environments.

It was in 2017 that her foundation Pies Descalzos won the Nôus Life Trajectory recognition in the Educational Excellence Contest organized by Ecuador annually. Thus, by 2019, the organization has six educational centers in Colombia, promoting personal development processes and providing high-quality academic training to thousands of Colombian children in vulnerable situations.

I have been able to observe, throughout my life, how education transforms entire communities. And seeing that a child who initially had no chance to prosper. It is driven and competes with the rest of the professionals, gives me greater satisfaction than winning a Grammy.

This and many other things make Shakira an example to follow. Not only for women entrepreneurs but also for all those who want to leave their mark on the world. The time has come for our long-awaited recommendations. Get ready to sing to the rhythm of her famous single Faithful Dog, in collaboration with Nicky Jam! In 2020, we are hoping Shakira’s net worth 2020 will be 450 million dollars.

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