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How can locum insurance protect your GP practice?

With so much emphasis on our health and our surgeries at the moment it’s no wonder that many GP’s practices are turning to the use of the locum to help supplement the existing staff. There remains a question as to what medical insurance these locums need? The last thing that a practice needs is the unwanted attention of a claim. With so much attention on our health providers at present, what can be brought into protecting the practice?

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One of the best providers of Locum Insurance is this company – they are MPRS locum insurance and they supply more than adequate cover for anyone looking to use the service and retain the service of a Locum. Given the unprecedented demand on surgeries and practices this has to be a route that many GP’s will have to take into consideration. For the locums themselves it’s also a factor that they should consider getting insurance before they look to start at an established practice to work in.

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Many firms now look to offer lighting fast options that fit perfectly into the practices needs. It has become clear that with the current situation it seems that the locums need to be “parachuted” in at a moments notice so that they can plug any gaps in the practices care package. This can be in a variety of roles and not just GP’s. Specialist nurses and admin staff are also in short supply and make essential staff members for the practices day to day running.

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