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Bleeding radiators correctly

After a long summer break as the weather begins to turn autumnal, many of us start to consider turning on the central heating. Energy companies research shows that the average switching on time for the heating system is around the 1st October being the earliest to the 28th October being the latest switch on date. A lot of this is dependent on the weather conditions at the time but a good rule of thumb appears to be as soon as the clocks go back and daylight saving comes into play the heating comes on.

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When this happens you may notice that some of your radiators are not heating up as well as they should do. There is a reason for this and it is not a major cause for concern. It is more relevant to older systems but what has happened is that a build up of air in the pipes has occurred. Unlike many other issues with the system, that only a Cheltenham Boiler Service company like www.combi-man.com should touch, you can do this yourself.

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You will need to release the air from the radiator. This involves using a radiator key and a towel. All that you have to do is slowly release the valve on the top right of the radiator. You should hear a hiss as the air is released. The water will then flow into the radiator restoring the heat. The towel is there to catch any water that seeps out.

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