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Home Décor Trends You Should Consider When Renovating Your Home

It looks like there is a major change in home décor trends every few years. Things stay kind of the same for four or five years, and then people get tired of it all at once, and everything changes.

Do you still remember in 2011 when people cannot get enough of chevron? Or maybe in 2014, when all everybody wanted was a Moroccan floor pouf? Suddenly, folks woke up one day and could not give away their chevron pillows if they wanted to.

2021 is surely one of the major trend years. The previous five years have been all about some massive home décor trends—such as faux-distressed furniture, wall-to-wall subway tile, Moroccan rugs, cool gray walls, and midcentury modern silhouettes other things.

Here are some of the best trends you can use when you are designing your home this 2021.

  1. Stylish kitchens with a bit of contrast

An all-white kitchen is, no doubt, a classic, but expect to notice bolder palettes such as deep charcoals, forest greens, and blue hues—on island cabinetry or with kitchen furniture as a contrasting backsplash.

You will often see kitchens continuing to integrate luxe statements and sleek hardware like cabinet handles and gold faucets.

  1. Going back to traditional

Between the obsession of the past decade with Scandinavian and midcentury modern style, design among Millennials has shifted toward contemporary. However, ease of use and familiarity are becoming much more crucial as homeowners seek an improved feeling of comfort within their spaces.

That converts to an uptick in traditional styles such as classic prints, simple silhouettes, and slipcovered sofas.

  1. Doubles spaces that can function as a home office

Working from home will remain a theme in more years to come, and most seek opportunities to design dedicated workspaces in their homes. Whether it be a sunroom, an ADU or an extra guest room, or converting a shed into office space—that’s one of the major home design trends which is here to stay.

  1. Germ-free upgrades

This may not be the most exciting of home trends, but in a coronavirus world, it is important. More people look for ways to make their spaces healthier and safe. That’s why design options that can lower the spread of the virus are increasing in popularity, especially in high-traffic regions such as the kitchen.

Consider touch-free trash bins and faucets. Are you considering a reno? Surfaces such as non-porous copper and quartz can stop the spread of or even remove germs.

  1. Natural appeal

Are you one of those fans of seagrass rug? Good news for you because natural textures are not going anywhere. Materials from woods to wicker are still going strong this year. Grasscloth, wicker, and rattan furniture will always stay classic. Woven furniture is also aesthetically pleasing and versatile, full of warmth and texture, making it a simple design go-to.

So, which of these home décor trends do you love? We wish you the best of luck in renovating your space!

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