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How to wear a crop top?

The short tops, which leave the belly uncovered, have now been back in fashion for some years. And, of course, girls love the crop top. In addition to being extremely feminine, it is perfect for the summer because it leaves the skin uncovered and is excellent for staying cooler. To match the short tops, you need a little imagination and a great desire to experiment. Moreover, each one must be guided by their taste first of all. To get some ideas on combining short tops, keep reading this guide for some ideas.

How to wear a crop top?

You will need:

  • Shorts
  • Long pants
  • Skirts of various lengths
  • Heels
  • Sports shoes

how to wear a crop top

With long pants

One of the easiest and fastest ways to combine a cropped top is to combine it with long pants. Try to choose well based on the fantasy of the top. It will go great with long and tight jeans or flared jeans to recreate a very 70s look. They are also perfect with leggings for a slightly sportier look or with any other type of long trousers. To slim the figure a little, you can also use high heels with this combination. If the top is concise, it is also perfect to use high-waisted jeans. But you can also use other models of shoes, perhaps even low, such as sandals. Keep reading: Shirts to wear with blue pants

Long or short skirts

In the 90s, the crop top was trendy among all the girls to show the abs and feel more feminine. If you want to be daring, you can choose a short skirt, then a mini skirt and combine a short top for a very feminine look. But you can also choose to combine the top with a long skirt, break up the figure a little, and with a mid-length skirt that perhaps slightly exceeds the knee or is slightly above the knee. In short, you choose which skirt you prefer to wear your top with. High-waisted skirts are also perfect, especially for very short tops.


Whether they are in jeans or any other fabric, and whether they are high-waisted or not. Tops are perfect to combine with shorts. By combining your top in this way, you will have a simple look and very comfortable, since shorts have always been an effortless garment to wear and suitable for many occasions. You can choose a slightly sporty look to combine with flat shoes and sneakers or a much more feminine look with high heels. You can also choose amphibians if you prefer to have a very “adventurous” look in any case. Whichever type of shorts you choose will be perfect with your crop top. Choose the tops and the right look according to your taste.

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