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Go live your way season 3 When does it premiere?

Go Live your way is an Argentine musical series from Netflix, which is fascinating all lovers of drama and youth comedy. The series managed to obtain immediate success, so much so that today we wonder when Go Live Your Way season 3 will be released.

However, the series in its two seasons has managed to awaken the emotion of the fans. Eagerly awaiting confirmation of the third and even a fourth season. Next, in this post, we bring you all the details. Keep reading: Zero season 2: When does it premiere?

When does Go live your way season 3 premiere?

Go live your way season 3

Given the great success that the series has had in its two seasons, in 2019 there had not been so many rumors about the future of the series. However, recently the Netflix platform announced that if there will be Go, live your way season 3. However, we still do not know the release date officially.

Production may take a few months due to inconvenience from the pandemic. It is expected that by the end of the year we will have the official confirmation. But while we wait we can continue to enjoy this and other incredible series on Netflix. You might like to read: What does a carrot on a stick do in Minecraft?

Let’s talk about Go live your way

We will see Mia as the protagonist of the series, a young woman who manages to get a scholarship to a music academy. But when he gets to school, he will arouse the envy of Lupe, who is the daughter of the school principal. The rivalry increases as she realizes that Mia is a very nice girl and that she frequently gets over her. Since practically everything works out for him.

And as is often the case with the arrival of someone new to an institute, this will be a reason to draw attention to the place. However, things will change there. Because Mia has a very particular way of fixing things, something that will attract Álvaro’s attention.

Later, we will see how the rivalry of the girls becomes more intense when the end of the year competition arrives. Based on this, friendships will be put to the test and love relationships will be embroiled in conflict as the girls try to win the competition. Which will lead to the plot of the second season. Find out why Movie4k shut down?

How does the first season end?

In the last scenes of season 2, you will be surprised to learn that Lupe will try to establish a friendship with Mia. After knowing that there is a possibility that mia will withdraw from the competition. Álvaro and his friends will try to convince Mia not to give up her dreams to stay in the competition. On the other hand, Mía discovers who her father really is.

Cast of Go live your way

The great success that Go Live Your Way has had is due in large part to the popularity of each of the actors that make it up. Next, we leave you a list of the main cast of Go Live Your Way, the names of the actors and the characters they represent.

  • Pilar pascual: as Mia Cáceres
  • José Giménez Zapiola as: Álvaro Achával
  • Renata Toscano Bruzón as: Lupe Achával
  • Santiago Saez as: Juanma
  • Lena Baptist as: Martin
  • Florencia Benítez as: Florencia
  • Carmela Barsamian as: Zoe
  • Go live your way season 3

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