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Zero season 2: When does it premiere?

Surely you have heard of Zero, the Netflix original series. The best representation of Italian black youth tells the story of a shy young cartoonist who has the super power to make himself invisible. We do not doubt that this is the best Italian proposal to the superhero genre so far. So much so that we already want to know if there will be Zero season 2 or not.

Since, the premiere of Zero has reached its entirety with 8 episodes in its first season. It has led us to wonder when does Zero season 2 premieres? In this post, we will answer that and more. Keep reading: Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Characters

What is Zero about?

Zero season 2

It is about Omar (Giuseppe Dave Seke), a shy young man who lives in an immigrant neighborhood. In the suburbs of Milan, she lives in an apartment with her sister Awa (Virginia Diop) and her father. While doing his job as a pizza delivery man in his spare time, we will see how the boy makes comic pictures where the protagonists are black heroes.

A small unforeseen event, perhaps something that Omar never imagined would happen, when he met a young architecture student. When taking him a pizza order, a boy who is his neighbor discovers the strange superpower that Omar has to become invincible. Which decides to baptize him as Zero when he sees one of the characters in his comics.

This is to help you obtain the money you need to recover the electricity in the neighborhood. A little blackmail that will be very beneficial to embark on Omar’s new destination. Well later, he manages to make some friends who will discover that several of the crimes that have been committed in the neighborhood are led by Rico’s gang (Miguel Gobo Díaz). Who seeks to lead the neighborhood.

When does Zero season 2 premiere?

The first season of the Zero series featured a total of 8 episodes of 27 minutes each. A format very different from the other American series since, for the most part, they last less than thirty minutes. This allows us to see the series as a complete movie.

Because the filming was very fast, we can hope that the platform will give birth to a renovation. In addition, the possibilities increase knowing that the series can be positioned among the top three most popular content on Netflix. However, we must say that there is still no release date for Zero season 2. But the possibility is always on the table.

What happened in the last episodes of Zero Season 1?

Do you want to know what happened in the last episodes of Zero? Omar or Zero manages to get proof of how he can frame Rico. But, one of his friends will have to bear the consequences. Soon Omar will be involved in a series of conflicts as his invisibility power creates some problems for his friend Awa.

Omar will meet a person who apparently will help him discover what happened to his mother and thus discover his true origin. As you can see, it is a very interesting story that you should not miss.

Zero’s main cast

In the original series, you can see an incredibly charismatic cast, mostly young performers. Many of them are actors that we will see for the first time on the screens but undoubtedly brought the fantastic science fiction series to life.

Here is the main cast of Zero:

  • Zero as: Giuseppe Dave Seke
  • Shariff as: Haroun Fall
  • Anna as: Beatrice Grannò
  • Momo as : Dylan Magon
  • Sara as: Daniela Scattolin
  • Inno as: Madior Fall
  • Awa as: Virginia Diop

Let us know in the comments if you’d like to watch the Zero season 2.

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