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Footballer Toni Kroos Net Worth, Lifestyle and Sports Career

When it was thought that we would not see a midfielder capable of measuring the times of a game like the great Xavi again, a young German appears that he considers as his “successor.” It is claiming that he has inherited the same tactical concepts and game vision than him. Thanks to this quality, he became one of the pillars of the German National Team world champion in 2014, as well as the successes of Real Madrid in the Champions League. If you want to know more about him, we invite you to read Toni Kroos’s net worth and biography.

Toni Kroos net worth and lifestyle

When Kroos signed for Bayern in 2006, there were many detractors within the club, as he was considered a physically fragile player. Toni Kroos’s net worth is estimated at 25 million USD. Now, he earns 2 lacs 36 thousand dollars per week. He was recruited by Bayern Munich when he was only 16 years old.

Toni was born in the city of Greifswald. He is the son of two great athletes. His mother, Brigit Kämmer, was a badminton champion with the Federal Republic of Germany. His father, Roland Kroos, a renowned football coach. He started his career at the Greifswalder Sports Club, a team that his father trained, after being signed by Hansa Rostock in 2006. He lasted a short time in the latter because of the same season.

Toni Kroos net worth

Lifestyle and career

For the 2007 season, with only 17 years, he participates and performs an excellent performance in the U-17 World Cup in Korea. During this tournament, Franz Beckenbauer, former footballer, former German technical director and president of Bayern Munich saw him. When he saw the dominance of the game that Kroos had, he expressly requested his promotion to Bayern’s first team.

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For these years, the internal competition in Bayern was intense. Toni was able to perform well in his debut season, getting to participate in up to 20 games. Most of them entering from the bench. Still, the following season, things would not be the same, and he practically did not have minutes until December 2008.

This irregularity led him to demand his transfer to another team. The leaders of Bayern fulfilled their wish and transferred in January 2009 to Bayern Leverkusen as a loan. There would be a season and a half, in which he established himself as one pillar of the team. He would get enough experience to return to Munich with a sign to start.

Before returning to Bayern, in 2010, the World Cup in South Africa is played. Kross was summoned by the German National Team to play that tournament. Together with a base of mostly young soccer players he reached the semifinals of the same, being defeated 1-0 by Spain. It would end up being crowned champion. However, the basis for the future was more than done.

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Triplet with Bayern and world champion with Germany

In the following years, Bayern would see how Borussia Dortmund robbed him of his dominance in Germany, conquering two consecutive seasons of the Bundesliga. Thanks to a team of young talents, among which Mario Götze and Marco Reus stood out. This little hegemony lasted for the yellows until 2013, when those in Munich returned to conquer the local league.

2013 was a magical year, both for Bayern and Toni Kroos, as he would win his first Champions League, as well as the German Cup and the Bundesliga. Then complete the first triplet made by a German team in history. The Champions League final would be just against Borussia Dortmund.

In 2014, Toni was summoned again to play a World Cup, this time organized in Brazil. The passage of the German National Team was immaculate, winning the majority of the matches of the knockout stage. It remains in the retina of all those 7-1 who endorsed the Brazilian National Team, a host of the tournament and the favorite to win it. They were crowned in a very close final against Argentina by Leo Messi, with a goal from Mario Götze in overtime.

Toni Kroos arrives at Real Madrid to dominate Europe

Toni was always a player who needed motivation for everything. After winning the World Cup and the triplet, he ran out of them in Germany. So, he decides to ask the president of Bayern his transfer to Real Madrid, who came from being European champion last season his first titles were the Super Cups of Spain and Europe. The FIFA Club World Cup, which had already won the previous year with the Bavarians, becoming the first player in history to win that title two consecutive years.

toni kroos lifestyle

I am very happy to have come to Real Madrid. You never know what awaits you in a club as big as this one. I made the decision and considered myself successful.

His first season under Carlo Ancelotti would not be as good, and he would have to see how FC Barcelona, ​​Madrid’s top rival, won the triplet (Cup, League and Champions League). But things changed with the arrival of Zinedine Zidane to the bench of meringues.

With Zidane on the bench, Toni Kroos becomes the top midfield reference with Luka Modric. Together they led the team to be crowned UEFA Champions League champion for three consecutive years. Kroos become the first team to achieve this milestone.

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