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All About Nickel Composites

Nickel composites are one of the most popular alloys used for corrosion resistance, lightweighting, strength and hardness. It has many advantages over other alloys which are made from a mixture of two or more metals. Its alloys with nickel and chromium have higher melting points than those made from any other metal with similar composition. In addition, these alloys with nickel possess excellent tensile strength and mechanical properties and can be formed into sheets, strips, plates and beads. These composites are used by companies such as Poeton and others who work in the industrial sectors.

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Nickel has the ability to form all kinds of composites with good mechanical properties. The nickel-metal alloy has a number of beneficial features which make it highly resistant to corrosion, wear and tear, heat, lubricity, and even to high temperatures. Many kinds of alloys with nickel composites possess excellent thermal stability, which means that they do not get too hot during processing. In addition, the nickel composites are also capable of being shaped into sheets, which does not require additional heat treatment. The mechanical properties of nickel composite stainless steels differ from those of pure stainless steels and are therefore slightly harder to work with; however, the durability of nickel stainless steels is similar to those of pure stainless steels.

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Nickel composites are widely used in different industries such as automotive, marine, cosmetic, aerospace, pharmaceutical, power generation and others. The nickel composites are capable of providing the required strength and hardness without any major loss in mechanical properties during the welding process. This makes the nickel composites highly advantageous.


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