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Add an Extravagant Touch to Your Living Space With Oak Framed Extensions

Oak Framed extensions, like the ones from Timberpride can make a dramatic addition to your already impressive home. Oak is a natural hardwood species that has been used for centuries throughout Europe to build both domestic and public structures including: wardrobes, cabinets, closets, tables, beds, television sets, mirrors and even gardens and conservatories. Oak wood is renowned for its strength and durability and the timber is also renowned for its beauty and versatility. Its naturally dark coloration and fine texture make it ideal for use in a variety of interior and exterior applications. There are many different species of oak including but not limited to: British, American, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese and Vietnamese.

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With an Oak framed extensions, it’s possible to create an extension or room within any existing house or building. Oak can be used in many different applications to add a new living space to an older home. It is both flexible and durable and because of its beauty and versatility you can choose from a variety of natural tones to suit your decor and lifestyle. Not only is Oak strong and beautiful wood but because of the wide range of finishes it is also possible to have your living space finished in anything from painted pine to mahogany.

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One of the great things about using natural wood for Oak framed extensions is that it is so easy to care for. Wood rot, insects and termites can all be prevented if you properly protect your investment with a good quality varnish or stain applied at least every 6 months. Also make sure that any timber you use is treated with a timber conditioning product to prevent any future damage.

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