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Kimono Men: Discover the Trends in the West and East

The men’s kimono is also a trend. Although it currently seems that the kimono is only a girl’s thing (especially this year with the eastern tendencies to power), the men’s kimono also exists in western society.

Today I want to talk about the most popular kimono types in japan and the version that we can find here about this garment of Japanese clothing.

Where to find men’s kimono?

In many of the stores that we find in the world that sell kimonos, the vast majority of the garments available are for women. It is not that they do not take into account the men’s kimono among their garments, but, logically, they adapt to the needs of their clients, of which the vast majority are girls. You only have to take a look on the street to realize the feminine invasion of vintage kimonos and vintage harris.

kimono men

For those guys who want to buy an authentic Japanese kimono, stores that sell vintage kimonos are the best option, in my opinion. They are second-hand kimonos, but that does not mean that they are not of quality. Most of these kimonos are made of Japanese silk. Vintage men’s kimonos seem very elegant and sophisticated to me. Most are usually dark colors such as black, blue or brown, as in Japan, since men tend to use more sober colors in their outfits.

Of this type of kimonos, it is also necessary to value their antiquity. Being second-hand, many of them were created even in the 60s, which adds great value to the garment and must be taken into account in the price of it.

This type of kimonos may have ripping or small stains because they are not completely new. However, in most cases, they are usually almost invisible since the stores that import them take great care with the quality of the garments they select. Most of the shops usually travel to japan and buy the kimonos and their accessories there.

I encourage you to make your purchases online with complete peace of mind. Vintage men’s kimonos are not as cheap as those that you can find in large clothing chains. However, you must bear in mind that the quality will not be the same. The stores specialized in men’s kimono will offer you authentic garments from japan, mostly made of Japanese silk, while the garments that you can buy in any store will surely be in a large percentage of synthetic fibers.

Next,, we will see what type of current men’s kimono we can find in our stores and take ideas to wear at our next events. The looks that this type of kimono provide are casual and elegant at the same time.

Long man kimono

Fashion trends on the catwalks have made it clear that men’s kimono is also a trend. You can see how some designers’ collections have included the long men’s kimono on multiple occasions.

Here are four designs that have been shown on the runways this year. The first corresponds to Gucci and the other three are by designer Jotaro Saito.

Long men’s kimonos I associate with more formal events. It is a kimono that stands out, and at parties, presentations or evening events, it will bring distinction. Surely there will be no one else with the same look!

Short man kimono

The haori jacket or short kimono, in my opinion, is the most wearable option for men. With a more casual or informal look, this garment is great. You don’t have to wait for a great occasion to get it out of the closet; a simple walk, an afternoon of shopping, going to the office (depending on the type of work), or meeting friends can be a good time to show it off.

Kimono men in japan

The traditional men’s kimono is surely the most present image that we all have in mind regarding Japanese clothing. The men’s kimono has different accessories such as the obi (belt), the Japanese sandals (geta or zori), the tabi (socks), the collar of the kimono, the specific underwear for kimono, or the bag. In addition to these accessories for men’s kimono, others are not seen and essential to adjust the kimono or keep the neck fixed, for example. Below you can see the different parts of a men’s kimono.

Yukata, men’s summer kimono

When summer arrives or in countries where the climate is warmer, it is recommended to wear a men’s cotton kimono called a “Yukata.” it is a much more comfortable, cool kimono.
Putting on this kimono takes much less time than another kimono, as it has fewer layers and fewer accessories. The cost of this kimono is also different, being cheaper than the traditional men’s kimono. The care required for a cotton kimono is simpler than a silk one.
This summer kimono is used for both men and women.

kimono men

Also, for women, but the two-piece set is more linked to men. They are loose-fitting pants with seven-folds, 5 in the front and 2 in the back (referring to the virtues of “Bushido,” or the code of Japanese warriors. The warriors used this garment due to the great mobility them in their movements).

This garment is especially linked to martial arts, whose colors are rather black or gray. However, the theme of colors varies outside of the martial arts world and when paired with a kimono. It is tied with four ribbons, two longer to tie it in front and the other two in the back.

Montsuki, man-shaped kimono

It is the formal kimono for men, which does not have any pattern except for the presence of the shields. As in the women’s kimono case, the number of shields can vary from one, three or five. The greater the number of shields, the more formal the garment is.

Although most of them are usually black, they can also be found in other muted colors such as brown, gray or blue. It can also be presented in white. Here is the example of a montsuki that is worn at a wedding. It is one of the most formal men’s kimono examples. It can be seen that the kimono is white with black shields.

Men’s kimono and women’s kimono. Differences

Some of the main differences to consider are the following:

The colors of women’s kimonos are usually more vivid and bright than the more muted colors of men.

Another aspect that we have already discussed before is the issue of sleeves. Kimonos for women have the sleeves separated from the body of the kimono and men do not.
The separation of the neck of the kimono in the case of women is looser than in the case of men.


Women wear the obi much higher than men. The size of the obi in the male kimono is smaller than that used by women. Women usually tie the obi making different figures such as flowers or butterflies, or simply a much more elaborate or striking tie than in the case of men. Here’s an example of the obi tie:

What do you think of the world of men’s kimono? As you may have observed, there is not as much variety of types of kimono as in the case of women. However, as in the case of women, the garment and its accessories have a very interesting symbolism and meaning to know.

Do you wear men’s kimonos? What types do you like best? Would you wear a traditional men’s kimono?

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