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Yung Gravy net worth, height, education, relationships and more

Yung Gravy is a YouTube star who has amassed a sizeable following on the platform. He’s garnered over 1 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 30 million times. The viral comedian has also amassed an impressive fan base on social media and continues to grow it every day with his humorous videos that touch on topics like relationships and everyday life.

Who is Yung Gravy?

You may have heard of Yung Gravy. He’s an American rapper, singer and songwriter who is best known for his collaborations with fellow rapper Wifisfuneral.

He was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. They both started out making music together when they were in high school and later joined forces again as adults—they’ve worked on multiple projects together since then.

Other than these two artists’ twinning namesakes (Gravy vs Funeral), what else do they have in common? Not much other than one being from Atlanta and another from St. Petersburg—the former is well-known for its hip hop scene while the latter has a strong presence when it comes to EDM music!

Yung Gravy net worth

What is Yung Gravy’s net worth?

Yung Gravy has a net worth of $2 million. That’s right: the internet sensation who went viral with his “Ridin’ Through The City” song actually has a lot of money in his bank account. He recently made headlines when he was featured in Forbes’ list of “30 Under 30,” which praises young entrepreneurs and innovators who are making their mark on the world.

Yung Gravy’s net worth is mostly due to his music career, but he also does some acting and voiceover work as well (especially if you’ve ever watched any Cartoon Network shows).

How tall is yung gravy?

You might not have heard of Yung Gravy, but he is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He has a net worth of $2 million, which means that he earns about $863 per day. And one more thing—he’s 5 feet 11 inches tall!

Now that you know how tall Yung Gravy is and some facts about his career and finances, let’s move on to his relationships.

Where is yung gravy from?

Yung Gravy is from Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on November 10th in 1998 which makes him 21 years old and a Scorpio by zodiac sign. He is an American rapper who also goes by the stage name Yung Gravy.

How old is Yung Gravy?

Yung Gravy was born on March 19, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently 21 years old which means he will celebrate his 22nd birthday later this year.

Yung Gravy is a successful rapper and social media personality who has managed to create a name for himself within the last few years.

What is Yung Gravy’s sexual orientation?

Yung Gravy is a gay man. He has been open about his sexuality and has also mentioned other forms of attraction such as bisexuality and heterosexuality. His sexuality has not been a secret as he made it clear in one of his interviews that he is indeed a gay man. It has also been stated that there are no issues with him being part of the LGBTQ community and trying to fit in this society where people might have negative attitudes towards them due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Is Yung Gravy married or single?

Yung Gravy is married to his wife, Dolly. Dolly is a rapper and has collaborated with Yung Gravy on some of his songs. They have one child together.

Yung Gravy is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known for his song “Trappin’ Out the Attic” and has collaborated with artists such as Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, and YoungBoy Never Broke Again.


It’s easy to get lost in the hype of Yung Gravy’s extravagant lifestyle and forget about him as a person. But beneath all that bling and bravado, he’s a hardworking artist who is passionate about his craft. He has already exceeded so many expectations at such an early stage in his career; it’ll be exciting to see where he goes from here!

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