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Yukata vs Kimono: Which is better?

It is possible to confuse the yukata and the kimono because both are part of the typical and traditional dresses of Japan; You may have heard of the two, but most of the time we don’t acknowledge their differences. There are really few who know them, for that reason we bring you How to differentiate between Yukata vs Kimono. Some only know the word kimono.

The kimono is a well-known dress that has become very famous worldwide; It is the traditional Japanese costume. It was the most used garment in that country until a few years after the war.

There is confusion between the two costumes because people from other cultures see them very similar, but they really have many differences. The yukata is a simpler suit used to sleep or to be in summer, while the kimono is an elegant suit.

Yukata vs kimono: which is better?

Yukata vs Kimono

It’s stitching: it is the main difference. The kimono is made with silk, while the yukata is made with cotton.

The yukata is the dress for the summer season and for hot places; They are also used in thermal baths, only for the latter.

The word Kimono derives from the words Kira (to wear) and monkey (thing). We can translate it as “thing to wear,” and the word yukata comes from yu bath and katabira under clothes.

The kimono will have at least two wide sashes called obi; These will be worn as follows: one around the waist and another diagonally up to the neck, while the yukata only has a small sash that surrounds the waist. They will also be put on differently.

The kimono is a much more elegant outfit than the yukata, so it will be used for special occasions and events.

The shoes: when wearing a kimono, the dress should be complemented with sandals made of leather and cotton (their name is zori or geta). They should also be worn with special socks (stockings). In the case of wearing yukata, having these shoes is not necessary. It is optional.

Its use: to use the kimono, gender does not matter. Both women and men do, while the female gender more uses the yukata.

Price: Kimonos will be more expensive than yukatas due to their material, workmanship, and elegance.

Designs: the designs of the kimonos are more exclusive; It is difficult to find two people who have a similar one, while in yukatas, the same designer can make several very similar versions.

Occasion: As mentioned above, the kimono is a special and elegant dress, which represents glamor, while the yukata is a totally simple dress that is used for a walk or to put on in hot weather, so we can say that the first is a formal suit and the second is an informal suit.

When a kimono is used, it is necessary to wear special underwear, called Nagajuban. It is another kimono that is much lighter that is worn underneath, while the yukata can be used as pajamas with more comfortable underwear.

The yukata today is widely used to go to summer parties, but the original creation was like a suit to wear after showering at night and going to sleep, so we find two types.

Time: wearing the kimono well is an art and a thousand-year-old tradition; Putting it on can take more than an hour, while the yukata can take less than 15 minutes. With only this data, you can see the complexity of the kimono.

Tips to differentiate the yukata and kimono

Although we said that the kimono is for both sexes, it is seen much more in women. Keep in mind that Westernization has entered Japan more and many men can see this as a very feminine dress. We leave you the writing of each one in Japanese: Kimono and Yukata. Did you know that some Japanese-style hotels provide yukatas for sleeping? The yukata can be put on on your own, but the kimono needs specialists.

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