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What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

Acquired brain injury is any kind of injury to the brain that occurs after birth and can be the result of a traumatic brain injury or from illness or a disease. For example, a stroke affects the blood supply to a part of the body, causing damage. A brain haemorrhage causes bleeding in the brain. Other causes of acquired injuries include a ruptured aneurysm. Tumours are abnormal masses of tissue in the skull caused by abnormal cell division.

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The most common form of acquired brain injury is traumatic brain injury, which occurs when a person sustains a sudden, traumatic incident. While it can be prevented through safety measures and lifestyle changes, other forms of acquired brain injury are caused by diseases and medical conditions. Although these types of injuries can be avoided in terms of accidental damage, the effects of an acquired brain injury are often irreversible. Regardless of how a person has acquired an injury, the effect can be devastating to the person’s life. Care might be required to assist the person with their everyday needs. For more information on Care Jobs Gloucester, go to Take 5 Healthcare

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Acquired brain injury can be either temporary or permanent. The effects of an acquired brain injury can be significant with the recovery period depending on the type of brain injury and the nature of the underlying cause. For example, a traumatic brain wound may be the result of a violent assault. It can be very difficult to recover from an acquired brain injury. The prognosis should be used with caution and be reviewed with a medical professional.



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