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The Rise of Cannabis Edibles in the Gourmet Food Scene

Move over, caviar; there’s a new delicacy in town.

Cannabis edibles are the latest trend in artisan delights across the gourmet food scene. As state laws on marijuana grow more and more lenient, chefs are racing to find innovative ways to infuse CBD into their meals.

Forget smoking a joint and the side effects that come with it. Now, you can get the benefits of cannabinoids in your pâté and foie gras while drinking a glass of wine with friends.

Many restaurants located in states and municipalities with legal weed have marijuana-infused items on their menus, and you can buy gourmet cannabis recipe cookbooks off the shelves in your local bookstores.

What’s the big deal with this trend, and how can you enjoy upscale meals infused with cannabis? Read on for the details.

1. Cannabis Edibles are the Ultimate in Sophistication

In society, it’s the jet setters that set the pace for the rest of the world. Those urban sophisticates define everything from fashion and music to food. And today, they’re letting us know that gourmet weed-infused meals are très chic.

When it’s served legally, marijuana has the necessary factors for coolness. It’s just taboo enough to be shocking but on the legal side of the line.

The health properties of cannabis include anti-aging components that attract millions of people. THC is linked with improved memory functioning and better brain health. Cannabinoids have antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage cells and anti-inflammatory properties that slow the signs of aging.

Given that this industry is worth over 63 billion dollars and growing, it’s not surprising that businesses want to capitalize on cannabis’s age-reduction benefits. Restaurants that advertise weed-infused meals that could effectively slow the signs of aging would be very popular with the high-society crowd.

2. The Various Flavors Attract Connoisseurs

One thing many people don’t realize is that marijuana comes in over 2,500 strains. Each of these strains has its own flavor profile determined by the terpenes in the plant. When a chef is highly familiar with the tastes created by each strain, they can manipulate it into meals in creative ways.

Of course, a crucial part of cooking with cannabis is ensuring you measure the THC content per serving carefully and post it on the menu. Chefs learn the edible dosages that work well with different meal items. Guests can choose their weed-infused dishes based on how much CBD and THC they’re comfortable consuming.

With so many strains, it’s almost impossible to try every combination of weed with a dish. But artisan chefs continue to experiment and create new menu fares, sourcing out the highest-quality strains.

And because the THC/CBD content changes and heightens the senses, making food more flavorful, customers never get the same experience twice.

3. The Law Favors the Restaurants — Sort Of

So where does the law stand on gourmet food service? Well, it depends on where you’re dining.

Technically, federal law still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. Federal policy still classifies weed as a Schedule I drug, in the same category as heroin and cocaine. But it has been decriminalized, meaning those who are arrested for possession or use don’t face criminal penalties.

However, the courts have passed the torch of rules and regulations to each state to decide. If your state rules that recreational and medicinal weed are legal, you’re safe to dine at home and in public as long as you’re following state guidelines. Typically, this means you can’t use or have weed on federal grounds or in an area that expressly prohibits the use of cannabis, such as near a school, and you must be over 21.

Dining at a restaurant that serves weed without trying to hide it probably means it’s legal. They’ve likely done their due diligence, checked with their attorneys, and are following the law. Still, you’ll want to carry your medical marijuana card if you have one.


If you’re in a weed-friendly state, don’t be surprised to see cannabis cookouts or marijuana meals on a restaurant menu. It’s the hippest, healthiest ingredient in gourmet dining today. As long as you’re over 21, check it out and see what strains and items the chefs are cooking up next!

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